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PD to Practice is a system within our online professional development library that helps administrators ensure teachers are applying what they learn in our online courses to their classroom instruction and that student learning is improved.

The complete teacher training system that saves time and money, while improving student learning.

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What does the PD to Practice Pilot do for administrators?

The PD to Practice Pilot gives your teachers and administration team the opportunity to fully experience what PD to Practice has to offer. During the Pilot your teachers will take one 1-hour online course of your choice and participate in two critical follow-up sessions. These sessions will be facilitated by one of our Training Specialists, who will be there to help you through the entire process.

The PD to Practice Pilot also includes our standard automatic tracking and reporting tools that help administrators make informed decisions about online training and about whether our products are right for them.

1. Fill out the Form: Let us know you’re interested in a PD to Practice Pilot by filling out the Pilot Request form and setting up a call or visit with one of our Training Specialists.

2. Schedule: It takes just a 30-minute call or visit to design and schedule your PD to Practice Pilot with the help of your Training Specialist.

3. Launch Your Pilot:  Launch your pilot program based on the plan you and your Training Specialist developed for your campus. Your Training Specialist will be available to support you through the entire PD to Practice process, from facilitating your first Follow-Up Session to evaluating your teachers’ growth.

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PD to Practice System Pilot FAQ

Does the PD to Practice Pilot require me to make a commitment to T-TESS Cube?

  • No! The PD to Practice Pilot is completely free. The Pilot’s purpose is to make sure that T-TESS Cube is an effective professional development solution for your campus and doesn’t require you to make any commitments.

What kind of courses can I choose from?

  • You can choose any course from our handpicked PD to Practice Pilot Course list.

How long does the pilot take to complete?

  • The PD to Practice Pilot takes about a month from request date to completion date but can be adjusted to fit your teachers’ needs.

Who will help me with my pilot?

  • One of our Training Specialists will be available to help you every step of the way. All of our Training Specialists are former administrators who are intimately familiar with the challenges of providing teachers with impactful PD that improves student outcomes.



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