Presenter: Alex Kajitani
Core Area: Planning 1.1, Planning 1.2, Planning 1.3, Planning 1.4, Instruction 2.1, Instruction 2.2, Instruction 2.3, Instruction 2.4, Instruction 2.5, Learning Environment 3.1, Learning Environment 3.3, Professional Practices and Responsibilities 4.2 
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

In this course, award-winning educator Alex Kajitani will teach you how creative writing can help your students grow in their math skills. After taking this course, you’ll walk away with practical examples and exercises that you can start using in your classroom today to help your students become lifelong math enthusiasts.



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Education expert Alex Kajitani says that one of the best ways to help your students grow in their math skills is to connect math with literacy. When students use different parts of their brains to think about math, they create deep and lasting connections.

In the course, “Writing in Math Class,” Mr. Kajitani shares with teachers how to use creative writing to teach math skills. The course is full of practical examples and exercises that you can start using in your classroom today to help your students become lifelong math enthusiasts.

You’ll learn about:

  • Math and the brain
  • Writing across content areas
  • Specific strategies to help your students write about math
  • Writing games to use in math class



Presenter Bio

Alex Kajitani (Kaw-juw-taw-nee) is the 2009 California Teacher of the Year, and a Top-4 Finalist for National Teacher of the Year. He is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Teachers, and his first book, Owning It was named “Recommended Reading” by the U.S. Department of Education. Alex is also on a mission to get every kid in America to learn their times tables, and to make this happen, he created the popular online program www.MultiplicationNation.com. Alex is a highly-sought after keynote speaker who supports and motivates teachers nationwide, and he’s known around the world as “The Rappin’ Mathematician.” Alex has a popular TED Talk, has been honored at The White House, and was featured on The CBS Evening News, where Katie Couric exclaimed, “I LOVE that guy!” For more of his innovative ideas, visit www.AlexKajitani.com.

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Course Content

108 reviews for Writing in Math Class

  1. MARTHA – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Practical ideas and strategies that incorporate writing in the mathematics classroom. These strategies will deepen the students’ knowledge about the math concept they are writing about.

  2. Anna – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    The suggestions in getting students to write was great!

  3. Tony – FAIRBANKS LOCAL (verified owner)

    This course provided a variety of strategies that can be implemented immediately.

  4. Timothy – TIPP CITY EXEMPTED VILLAGE (verified owner)

    Useful for math teachers and gives them tools to incorporate writing into their classrooms.

  5. JANICE – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    It helped me to see different ways to get students to write in math class.

  6. Deanna – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    I felt motivated to try these new strategies.

  7. Maricela – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    5 stars

  8. Bryan – BETHEL LOCAL (verified owner)

    it was fine

  9. Julia – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    I always struggles with implementing writing in my Math class and this is was very helpful.

  10. Kacy – DRIPPING SPRINGS ISD (verified owner)

    Great and fun teacher.

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