Presenter: Responsive Learning
Core Area: Compliance
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary 
Hours: 0.5

School life takes up a large amount of students’ daily lives. When violence appears or even becomes an epidemic on campus, what should be a learning community can quickly feel like a prison. However, with planning and prevention schools have the opportunity to use their influence to educate, prepare, and reassure affected students. In this course, participants will explore types of school violence, measures that can be taken to prevent violence, and steps that can be taken to minimize potential incidents at school.

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Ideally, schools provide students with a sense of community and foster their learning and creativity. When incidents of violence take place at school, these opportunities can be compromised. Violence negatively affects students, damaging their physical and emotional wellbeing, and damaging their academic progress. In this course, you’ll discover ways to help both victims and perpetrators of school violence, how to take steps to reduce school violence, and other important facts about violence on school grounds.

In this course you will discover: 

  • Forms school violence can take
  • Steps that can be taken to minimize potential violent incidents at school 
  • The school district’s and employees’ legal responsibilities
  • Factors that put students at risk for school violence 

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    excellent training

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    Good information

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    Valuable information regarding violence at school.

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