Presenter: Meghan Raftery, Edjacent
Core Area: Instructional Planning and Delivery 1C, 1D, 1E; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2C; Content Knowledge and Expertise 3C; Learning Environment 4C;Data-Driven Practice 5D

Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 0.5

Are you looking to enhance your project management skills? Join gifted education expert Meghan Raftery in this 0.5-hour course from Edjacent, as she shares her insights on project-based learning (PBL) management. This course will equip you with the essential strategies and tools needed to effectively manage PBL projects and develop curriculum for gifted learners


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How can we help gifted learners develop project management skills while nurturing their natural curiosity? This 0.5-hour course from Edjacent offers an answer, as educator Meghan Raftery introduces PBL Project Management for Gifted Learners.

With a focus on PBL, participants will explore how to design learning experiences that foster collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By the end of the course, participants will have a strong understanding of how PBL can be used to develop project management skills in gifted learners.

In this 0.5-hour course, you will learn:

  • The key elements of PBL and how to use it to teach project management
  • The benefits of using PBL with gifted learners
  • Strategies for implementing PBL project management in the classroom
  • How to support and guide gifted learners through PBL project management
  • How to assess and evaluate PBL project management in gifted learners


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Presenter Bio

Meghan is a freelance educator in Virginia Beach, Virginia, currently supporting teachers, schools, districts, and organizations on innovative projects; building teacher capacity; and developing curriculum. A generalist at heart, Meghan cultivates a breadth and depth of experience both inside and outside of education.

She currently serves as a part-time trainer and curriculum developer for Defined Learning, innovation coordinator for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, program director for the CROP Foundation, events planner for Read Books, and micro-credential project co-lead for the Virginia Association of Supervision & Curriculum Development.

Through her work with a variety of educators across the country, Meghan developed the initial concept of Edjacent as a slow hunch, refined over time with the help of many educators and great thinkers from a variety of fields who have great faith in and great fears for the future of American public education.

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