Presenter: Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru
Core Area: Instructional Planning and Delivery 1C, 1D, 1E; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2A; Content Knowledge and Expertise 3C; Learning Environment 4A, 4B; Professional Practices and Responsibilities 6A
Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

What is a HyperDoc®, and how can it help educators create differentiated learning experiences for all their students? Join Lisa Van Gemert, former teacher, administrator, and Youth Ambassador for Mensa in this 1-hour course to learn how to utilize HyperDoc to the fullest extent. You’ll discover how to create your own HyperDocs, adjust them to meet your student’s accommodation and differentiation requirements, and how to utilize HyperDocs created by other educators.

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HyperDocs® are an easy tool that allows teachers to quickly create high-quality lessons that are differentiated for every child while simultaneously supporting independent learning and collaboration. Join Lisa Van Gemert, former teacher, administrator, and Youth Ambassador for Mensa to learn how to utilize HyperDocs to the fullest extent.

In this 1-hour course you will discover: 

  • What HyperDocs are
  • How to create your own HyperDocs
  • How to use HyperDocs for differentiation and accommodations
  • How to evaluate HyperDocs created by other Educators

Presenter Bio

Lisa Van Gemert shares best practices in education with audiences around the world using a combination of neuropsychology, pedagogy, experience, humor, technology and sheer fun. She is an expert consult to television shows including Lifetime’s “Child Genius,” and a writer of award-winning lesson plans, as well as numerous published articles on social psychology and pedagogy and the book, Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing Never Good Enough. A former teacher, school administrator, and Youth & Education Ambassador for Mensa, she shares resources for educators and parents on her website giftedguru.com and is co-founder with Ian Byrd of the Gifted Guild, a professional community for educators of the gifted. Lisa and her husband Steve are the parents of three sons and live in Arlington, Texas. 

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