Presenters: Dr. Emily Mofield, Dr. Megan Parker Peters
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary

Is it a good idea to tell a child that they are smart? Emily Mofield and Megan Parker Peters think it might not actually be for the best. Mofield and Peters say that it’s better to praise students for their progress. In this 1-hour course, learn how to develop students who are goal-oriented and progress-driven. 

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The right perspective can change everything. The way we address students can have an impact on their learning. In this 1-hour course, “Mindsets Matter Parent Chat: Nurturing Growth Mindset,” Emily Mofield and Megan Parker Peters teach parents how to change their words and actions to encourage growth in students. Mofield and Peters say that when we put less focus on the person and more focus on the process then we encourage students to grow. Rather than praise students for being “smart,” it’s better to praise them for their efforts. This type of nurturing can help students to become progress-driven in all areas of their life.

In this informative course educators will learn:

  • The GROWTH model
  • The difference between being goal-oriented and person-oriented
  • Practical and real-life examples

Presenter Bio

Dr. Emily Mofield  is the lead consulting teacher for gifted education for Sumner County Schools in Tennessee. Prior to this position, she taught as a gifted education language arts middle school teacher for 10 years. Emily regularly presents professional development on effective differentiation for advanced learners and ways to practically address gifted students’ unique social-emotional needs. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Language Arts and has been recognized as the Tennessee Association for Gifted Children Teacher of the Year. She has co-authored the Vanderbilt PTY Advanced ELA curriculum series (with Tamra Stambaugh through Prufrock Press) which have won numerous NAGC curriculum awards (2012, 2015, 2016). She is actively involved in the Curriculum Studies Network with NAGC and also has authored several published manuscripts about perfectionism, overexcitabilities, social-emotional needs of gifted students, and curriculum design.  Most recently, her research (with Dr. Megan Parker Peters) on mindsets, perfectionism, and underachievement was recognized with the prestigious international Hollingworth Award (NAGC, 2016). 

Dr. Megan Parker Peters, is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Teacher Assessment at Lipscomb University. She is co-editor of the National Association for Gifted Children’s (NAGC) Teaching for High Potential publication and is on the board of the Tennessee Association for the Gifted. She serves as the Early Childhood Network Chair for the National Association for Gifted Children. Her current research interests include examining the impact of perfectionism on coping and underachievement, the relationships among socioemotional factors and giftedness, and the academic and external factors that predict student success. Most recently, her research (with Dr. Emily Mofield) on mindsets, perfectionism, and underachievement was recognized with the prestigious international Hollingworth Award (NAGC, 2016).  

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