Presenter: Colleen Boyle, Ph.D.
Core Area: Learner Development and Individual Learning Differences 1.1, Learner Development and Individual Learning Differences 1.2, Learning Environments 2.1, Instructional Planning and Strategies 5.5, ODE Teacher Competency d, ODE Teacher Competency e
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary

Did you know that there are cultural, racial, and economic factors that affect all gifted students academically and relationally? In this 3-hour course you will learn some common characteristics of gifted children and how their gifted traits can have both positive and negative aspects. Discover how to help gifted students thrive in your classroom.  

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What makes gifted students different from the rest of your students? Aside from the legal definition of gifted, your gifted students tend to behave and think differently than others. For each gifted student, there are cultural, racial, and economic factors that all affect them academically and relationally. Their gifted traits can have both positive and negative aspects.

In this 3-hour course, Dr. Colleen Boyle gives an overview of common characteristics of gifted children and discusses their strengths, weaknesses, and potential hangups. You will learn how to help gifted students work through common struggles and use evidence-based data to create solutions to help them succeed.

After taking this course, educators will walk away knowing:

  • Key characteristics of gifted students
  • Theories of asynchronous development
  • Types of overexcitabilities and their influence on classroom performance
  • The impact of giftedness on relationships
  • How outside factors affect giftedness
  • Strategies for managing perfectionism and underachievement

ODE teacher competencies: d, e 
NAGC teacher preparation standards: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 5.5

Click here for a leader’s guide created by the Ohio Association for the Gifted and Talented.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Colleen Boyle is the president of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children. She has been an educator for more than 20 years, nearly all in gifted education in schools in Ohio and Texas as well as with the Department of Defense Education Activity. Dr. Boyle holds a B.S. in elementary education, an M.Ed. in gifted education and educational administration, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology. She currently serves as a supervisor of gifted and talented programs with Columbus City Schools. Dr. Boyle is a past president of Gifted Coordinators of Central Ohio. She enjoys working with educators and families to plan appropriate interventions for gifted learners. Her research interests include the social-emotional aspects of gifted learners, educational and psychological assessment, and giftedness within families. Dr. Boyle enjoys traveling and doting on her twin niece and nephew whenever she gets the chance.

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    It is very informative. I honestly learned a lot about how I can help my students and also why I am the way that I am. So, I am very pleased for having taken this course. Thanks.

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    Great job

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    i highly enjoyed learning about the underachievements so i can now connect it to my gifted student

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    very informational

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    I love learning about Gifted Students, what they are like and useful strategies for making them comfortable in the classroom.

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