Presenter: Responsive Learning
Core Area: T-TESS Training, Professional Practices and Responsibilities 4.3
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 3

Do you need an easy option to meet the state’s T-TESS Orientation requirement for new teachers and late hires without adding to your busy schedule? If so, we’ve got you covered! This 3-hour informative and engaging orientation to T-TESS along with the tracking and reporting features will give you peace of mind knowing your teachers understand how they will be appraised.

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Are you looking for an informative introduction to T-TESS that fulfills your state requirement? Look no further! This on-demand 3-hour long T-TESS Orientation course gives new teachers the tools needed to prepare for their yearly evaluations successfully.

As the teacher shortage crisis continues, we can help simplify your new hire process. The content is organized into five manageable modules that teachers can easily comprehend, allowing for meaningful discussions between principals and educators. Once teachers have completed this course, they will have the knowledge and confidence to help positively impact students’ learning outcomes, as well as their own performance and professional growth. The T-TESS Teacher Orientation is excellent for new and late hires.

Do your teachers need an in-depth understanding of specific T-TESS dimensions? Explore this bundle: Unpacking the T-TESS Rubric.

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4927 reviews for T-TESS Teacher Orientation

  1. Steven – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    I found this course to be helpful.

  2. Laura – BASTROP ISD (verified owner)

    The course is very informative.

  3. Liomarys – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)


  4. Aemma Leah – BASTROP ISD (verified owner)

    Succinct and clear.

  5. Sharon – ROYSE CITY ISD (verified owner)

    It’s lengthy but good information was disseminated.

  6. Robyn – ROYSE CITY ISD (verified owner)

    The course provided easliy understood information, but waslengthy in parts.

  7. Carlyn – ROYSE CITY ISD (verified owner)

    I thought this course was very informative!

  8. Maura – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    As someone who’s never taught before and doesn’t have a degree in education, I found this training very helpful.

  9. José Santos – HENDERSON ISD (verified owner)

    I liked it and it gave me a better understanding. However it was very slow to load and times.

  10. Francisco – NEW BRAUNFELS ISD (verified owner)

    It was very helpful and interactive.

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