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Are you working on your first IEP? In this 30-minute course, you’ll learn the basics of IEP creation and how to prepare for your first IEP team meeting. The course is presented by Ayo Jones, a renowned SPED educator of over 15 years. Jones uses her vast teaching experience to teach participants everything they need to know about education in the SPED classroom.

What do General Education Teachers Bring to the IEP Table?

While you may not think so at first, the general education teacher is an important part of the IEP team. However, general educators working on their first IEP might have trouble knowing everything that goes into IEPs and what to bring to their first IEP meeting. In this blog, we’ll be going over some of the responsibilities of a general education teacher in an IEP and what to bring to the meeting.

What is your role?

Your first IEP meeting might be nerve-racking, but remember that you’re part of a larger team that’ll work together to make sure everything goes smoothly. This committee is composed of the federally mandated members who have the best grasp on the needs of the student. The IEP committee consists of the parent/guardian of the child, the special education teacher, school administrator, and the general education teacher. So what is the role of the general education teacher in an IEP meeting?

The role of a general education teacher in an IEP meeting is to represent all the general ed teachers, so it’s important to bring a broad perspective. When preparing for an IEP meeting, the general ed teacher should remember to get information from all the other general ed teachers who are involved with the student. This includes not only courses such as math and reading, but also classes like art and music.

Before going to the meeting, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve prepared thoroughly and have collected all the information needed to be productive in the meeting. Your goal is to contribute to the development of a plan and discuss the needs of the student and the relevant data. Bring all the data you have on the student’s current performance in class; this could include work samples, grades, and/or test scores. With this, advocate for what you believe will best support the student and their needs and share concerns you have that need to be addressed.

Everything you need to know

Working on your first IEP as a general education instructor can be intimidating, but remember that you’re an equal component of the IEP team and your feedback and input are important. Ayo Jones knows this, and that’s why she created this course. With over 15 years of education experience, Ms. Jones is a celebrated SPED educator whose courses have helped many instructors become better educators and improve the lives of their students.

The course, My First IEP – For General Education Teachers, was created to help general education teachers who might be feeling overwhelmed preparing for their first IEP meeting.

In this 30-minute course from Noodle Nook, participants will learn:

  • What is an IEP?
  • Who is in the meeting?
  • The role of general ed teachers in the meeting
  • What to bring to the meeting
  • The meeting agenda

If you’re ready to begin, take a look at the demo for My First IEP – For General Education Teachers now! There are also more IEP resources in our course library.

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