Do You Need a Refresher on Bloodborne Pathogens?

Most young people who have dreams of becoming a teacher don’t realize at first that there’s so much more to being a good educator than just creating lesson plans and communicating clearly. 

While teaching academics is the primary role, educators have a unique relationship with their students as a mentor, protector, and guide during school hours. Teachers have a responsibility to promote a safe and healthy environment to their students, and part of that includes staying up to date about diseases they may encounter in the classroom. 

Protecting from harm

Whether it’s from a sudden illness or an ongoing medical condition, bodily fluids can carry and transmit different kinds of pathogens. You can’t always tell by looking at a student if they have a disease, and it’s important to protect every students’ privacy. That’s why following OSHA standards is always key when dealing with bodily fluids. Following safety measures will ensure that both you and your students stay healthy.

We know you take your role seriously, so that’s why we created the Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training. 

This course was designed to help educators test their knowledge of common bloodborne pathogens and how to safely handle situations where they may encounter them. Some educators just need a quick refresher, and this course offers them a chance to improve their understanding of pathogens and relearn information they may not be as familiar with. 

Refresh your knowledge of bloodborne pathogens

This refresher course has a unique format that’s perfect for teachers who have already completed the full Bloodborne Pathogens Training. The course features quizzes that test your knowledge on five areas of bloodborne pathogen safety. 

If you pass the quiz, you’ll be taken to the next section of the training. If you don’t pass the quiz, you’ll be taken to a learning section to help remind you of the information. It’s a great solution for busy teachers and helps educators make the most of their time by focusing on only the information they need to be refreshed on. 

After taking this course, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Pathogens and bodily fluids
  • Common bloodborne diseases
  • Transmission
  • Risk categories
  • OSHA requirements

Educators who take this course will be more confident in their ability to properly handle situations where they may come into contact with bloodborne pathogens. 

Ready to dive into the Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training? Take a look at the course page and watch a demo today

Course Spotlight

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