Here’s Why IEPs Matter

When it was time for Anna to send her son Max to kindergarten, she was worried about how he would do in a classroom setting. As a child with autism, Max was developmentally delayed and didn’t like sitting still for long periods of time. 

When Anna went to meet Max’s teacher for the first time, she told Anna about creating an Individual Education Program, or IEP, for Max. Anna was relieved knowing that her son’s school was taking steps to accommodate Max and help him thrive academically. 

Set up for success

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of IEPs in special education. IEPs help guide a student to academic success and can make a lifelong impact. IEPs ensure that each student has a chance to receive a quality education.

When teachers don’t understand the IEP process, students can struggle needlessly. IEPs are the foundation for these students’ academic success, and without the proper implementation of them, students don’t have what they need to thrive. There are also legal implications for the school if the IEP process isn’t prepared correctly. 

Understanding your role in the IEP process

No matter what grade or subject you teach, you’re sure to encounter students who either need an IEP or already have an existing one. An IEP is a document that outlines a student’s current level of performance, their long-term learning goals, and what accommodations and supports are going to help them get there. It also includes information on how the student’s progress will be monitored. 

Some IEPs are very straightforward and only require one accommodation, while other IEPs are multifaceted and require a whole team to help support the student. 

In the course, IEPs – An Overview, teachers will take a deep dive into the world of IEPs and learn everything they need to help create an excellent IEP for their students. 

In the 30-minute course, you’ll discover:

  • What an IEP is
  • The alphabet soup of IEPs
  • IEP eligibility
  • IEP process overview
  • The legalese of IEPs
  • Parts of an IEP
  • The IEP team

Learn from a veteran SPED educator

This course was created to help educators understand the process of creating an IEP and why it’s so important to create a quality one. Students with disabilities depend on educators doing their jobs accurately to help them succeed academically. This course is chock-full of valuable information about the IEP process.  

The course was developed by veteran SPED educator Ayo Jones. Ms. Jones is the founder of Noodle Nook, an online resource for teachers in special education, providing tools for classroom success. She has over 15 years of experience training educators, coaching teachers, and developing curriculum for students with disabilities. Ms. Jones’s passion for SPED is infectious and will make you excited to dive deeper into the world of IEPs. 

Expand your understanding of IEPs

Educators who take this course will grow their knowledge of the IEP process and be prepared to take part in creating or implementing an IEP. You’ll understand your role in the IEP team and know how to best support your student. You’ll also be able to follow the legal requirements for IEPs and keep your school in compliance. 

If you’re ready to learn more about IEPs, check out this demo of the course today! 

Course Spotlight

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