Mastering the Marathon of Teaching

Have you ever considered the advantages of receiving professional guidance when beginning your teaching career? Now you can have support from seasoned professionals by your side, offering their hard-earned wisdom. Meet Jason Freeman and Mike Crabtree, experienced educators who designed a course catering to these very needs. Their invaluable course, aptly named “Welcome Newbie!” offers a repository of knowledge and insights, all packaged within an engaging conversational-style session. As you step into the world of teaching, let this course be your compass, guiding you through the vast expanse of the teaching landscape.

The Marathon of Teaching

Do you need help determining what you can anticipate from a career in teaching? One insightful comparison stands out – teaching is often likened to “running a marathon.” As highlighted by Mike Crabtree, this analogy encapsulates the requirement of endurance, patience, and a long-term perspective in this profession. Teaching might not have been your first career choice, but with the right mindset, this journey can be one of personal growth and professional fulfillment.

Pearls of Wisdom

Jason Freeman and Mike Crabtree have imparted numerous insights throughout the course. From this enriching dialogue, a few essential points stand out:

  • Self-care: The vitality of prioritizing your well-being cannot be overstated. As a teacher, you’re responsible for imparting knowledge to your students. It’s crucial to prioritize your physical, emotional, and mental well-being to guide and support your students effectively. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.
  • Patience: One of the cornerstones of teaching is patience. The realm of education, like any other profession, demands a hefty dose of patience and understanding. Growth is gradual; don’t succumb to being too hard on yourself, especially during the initial years of your teaching journey.
  • Your “Why:” Understanding the reason you chose teaching is essential. This personal mission acts as your guiding star, helping you navigate through challenging times.

Knowing Your “Why” and Embracing Help

During the course, Mike Crabtree stresses the significance of understanding your “why,” which is your personal mission and the reason behind your actions. He firmly believes that this knowledge can be a great motivator. It aids you in overcoming the obstacles that invariably surface along the way.

But what if the going gets tough? This is where their sage advice on seeking help comes into play. There is no shame, only strength, in reaching out for support when needed. As Crabtree reassures, “All of us have had times where it was good for us to seek out counseling. It’s good to seek out therapy. It’s good to seek out others.”

You Make a Difference!

Remember that you are more than an instructor in your role as a teacher. You are shaping lives, influencing futures, and sparking curiosity. Realizing this aspect of your role helps make all the challenges worthwhile. As Freeman beautifully puts it, “And the ripple goes beyond what you can see.” Your influence extends far beyond the four walls of your classroom.

Balance: The Key to a Successful Journey

An overarching lesson throughout the conversation is the importance of maintaining balance in life. Striking a healthy balance between your professional obligations and personal life is not merely beneficial—it’s crucial for sustainability in this challenging yet rewarding profession.

Why “Welcome Newbie!” is a Must-Take Course

The course goes beyond merely skimming the surface. It delves deep into the intricacies of teaching, addressing common anxieties and questions that new teachers often grapple with. If you’re on the brink of starting your teaching journey or a couple of years into your teaching position, this course can provide the guidance, reassurance, and inspiration you might seek.

A Beacon of Guidance

Remember that every profession has challenges, and teaching is no different. Yet, armed with knowledge, a growth mindset, and a supportive community, you can weather the storms and enjoy the sunshine that comes afterward. The first few years can be difficult, but as Freeman and Crabtree assure us, it gets better.

Why not begin your journey with the guidance of seasoned professionals who can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insights? Jason Freeman and Mike Crabtree are ready to welcome you to this rewarding journey. Are you prepared to take the leap? If so, then the “Welcome Newbie!” course awaits you. Dive in and let your teaching journey commence!

Course Spotlight

Starting your career as a new teacher can feel overwhelming at times. So, what can be done to alleviate any negative feelings and help new teachers thrive? In this 45-minute course from Maverick Wellbeing, Jason Freeman and Mike Crabtree discuss sustainable techniques for helping new teachers become confident and successful.

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