Influence Over Authority in Educational Leadership

Navigating the vast landscape of education can sometimes feel like an intricate maze, but the shared experiences of industry leaders can serve as beacons of guidance and inspiration. We are thrilled to bring you an insightful conversation from the podcast episode Influence Over Authority with guest Robert Duron, an accomplished Executive Leader in the Texas Association of School Boards’ educational sphere. Learn to lead through connection and relationship rather than control through authority.

Building Trust Through Shared Language

Robert Duron has served as a Superintendent at multiple districts in Texas. He has also worked with TEA (Texas Education Agency), TASB (the Texas Association of School Boards), and TALAS (the Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents).

Duron firmly believes in the transformative power of a shared language within the community: “The importance of shared language… and how much that builds community and trust in communities.” Shared language can act as a unifying force, fostering inclusivity and community spirit. The significance of such commonality not only resonates in the classroom but extends to broader educational systems and beyond.

The Role of Leadership and Vulnerability

During our conversation, Duron emphasizes the importance of reading and reflecting together to foster leadership. “We read them together and we reflect on them,” he asserts, highlighting that the journey to leadership is not a solitary pursuit.

Robert Duron also acknowledges the influence of Brené Brown on his leadership philosophy. Brown’s work on vulnerability provided Duron with valuable insights that enabled him to understand and manage the delicate balance between ego and authenticity. He notes, “She really gave me insight on that vulnerability piece.” This encourages us to perceive vulnerability not as a weakness, but rather a transformative tool for personal and professional growth.

The Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (TALAS) 

TALAS plays a crucial role in providing a platform for educational professionals. With approximately 260 members, including superintendents, assistant superintendents, teachers, and professors, TALAS aims to develop a vibrant community in the educational landscape.

Here are some key details about TALAS:

  • 45% of the members are superintendents and assistant superintendents.
  • TALAS has active affiliates throughout Texas, including El Paso, Central Texas, Rio Grande Valley, Houston, and Dallas.
  • There are ongoing efforts to strengthen and expand TALAS, with a focus on creating more affiliates and providing a support network for aspiring administrators.

The Indomitable Spirit of Educators

Robert Duron takes a moment to express his heartfelt admiration for professional educators, acknowledging the strength of their commitment and work ethic. He highlights the essence of their ‘why’, which propels them through the challenging terrain of education.

Duron shares, “The ‘why’ has got to be so clear and so strong because the work is so difficult.” He further encourages educators to remember their original purpose whenever they feel overwhelmed or disheartened, echoing his own mantra, “Whenever you feel like you want to quit, remember why you started.”

Concluding Reflections

This conversation provides an authentic glimpse into the experiences, insights, and wisdom of a seasoned educational leader. Duron’s reflections shed light on the significant role of trust, shared language, leadership, and resilience in education.

As we reflect on Duron’s thought-provoking conversation, we are reminded of the critical role educators play in shaping the future. Let’s carry these insights forward and continue to build communities that thrive on shared language, trust, and a strong sense of “why.”

For more enlightening discussions, listen to the full podcast about Influence Over Authority with Robert Duron and other industry leaders. Their profound insights are the guiding light as we navigate through the multifaceted world of education.

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