Martin Silverman

Areas of Expertise: Building Campus Culture, Communication, Family/Community Engagement, Instructional Strategies, Teacher Retention, PLC, Working with ELL students/families

Texas Principal (Mid-Management) Certification, Certified TTESS Appraiser, Certified Elementary Teacher, ESL Endorsement

40 years in Education, 30 of which were engaged in mentoring or counseling administrators.

Public School, Rural, Mid-size, Large urban district

Elementary Teacher – 7 years (1st/4th/5th grades, Bilingual K-5 Support teacher)

Teacher Appraiser 1.5 years

Assistant Principal/Principal 31.5 years

Building Campus Culture


Family/Community Engagement

Instructional Strategies (especially in early childhood grades)

Teacher Retention


Working with ELL students/families

I love to cook and bake. I’m always on the hunt for new recipes and love to try them out. I am the grandfather of six and the oldest is 4 years old. I spend lots of time engaging babies and toddlers these days!