Data-Driven Teaching with Exit Tickets – Real-World Examples


Presenter: SyncroPD
Core Area: Instructional Planning and Delivery 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2A; Content Knowledge and Expertise 3C; Data-Driven Practice 5C
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 0.25

Are you looking to enhance your formative assessment strategies in the classroom? In this 15-minute course from SyncroPD, presented by SyncroPD, you will discover ten practical, real-world examples of using Exit Tickets effectively. This brief yet informative session is designed to provide you with valuable insights into your students’ learning, enabling you to make informed instructional decisions.

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Do you want to gather valuable insights into your students’ understanding quickly? SyncroPD presents "Data-Driven Teaching with Exit Tickets – Real-World Examples," a 15-minute course designed to help educators harness the power of Exit Tickets. Led by SyncroPD, this course offers a concise exploration of ten practical examples that demonstrate how to use Exit Tickets as an effective formative assessment strategy.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to design and implement Exit Tickets to capture essential data that can guide your instructional decisions. By the end of this short yet impactful course, you will have a toolkit of strategies to enhance your teaching and support student growth.

In this 15-minute course, you will discover:

  • How to design Exit Tickets for various subjects
  • Ways to assess student understanding quickly
  • Techniques for reflecting and setting goals with students
  • Strategies for connecting lessons to real-world scenarios
  • Methods for prompting student self-assessment

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