Mindsets Matter – Guiding All Students to Achieve Potential (for Gen Ed Teachers)


Presenters: Dr. Emily Mofield, Dr. Megan Parker Peters
Core Area: Planning 1.1, Planning 1.4, Instruction 2.1, Instruction 2.2, Instruction 2.4 

Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1  

Did you know you can actually "grow" intelligence? Learn how mindset plays a vital role in your students’ academic and professional potential.

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Perspective is everything—especially when it comes to reaching one’s full potential! Learn how fixed and growth mindsets impact your students’ trajectories, and how to motivate students to actualize potential.

In this 1-hour course, you will learn:

  • 10 ready-to-use activities to promote a growth mindset 
  • How to give meaningful praise
  • The art of effective feedback
  • How to normalize the struggle of learning
  • How to celebrate mistakes with your students

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47 reviews for Mindsets Matter – Guiding All Students to Achieve Potential (for Gen Ed Teachers)

  1. Laura – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great course! Intelligence is Malleable!

  2. Stephanie – SWEENY ISD (verified owner)

    Good course about growth mindset.

  3. Kandace – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)

    The course is very thorough.

  4. Amanda – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    I will be taking away some things that I can use in my classroom right away.

  5. Celia – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)

    This is a very interesting course which will teach you tips and strategies you can use in your classroom to promote growth mindset.

  6. Sonia – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)

    The material presented was helpful and relevant; however, the manner in which it was presented could be improved.

  7. Kim – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    New way of thinking for me. I have never delved into the mindset thinking. Really has peeked my interest and I will research it further.

  8. Brett – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)


  9. Nathan – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)


  10. Heidi – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    Useful, encouraging information.

  11. Tammy – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    Good reminder of principles we have all probably learned at one time but don’t always implement.

  12. Kellie – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    It was very useful

  13. Diane – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    Great course with many ideas…I like when the courses give examples of “how to do it”

  14. Crystal – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    Valuable information on growth mindset.

  15. Kristin – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    I learned many strategies to use with my students in the classroom to help them develop a growth mindset.

  16. Amanda – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    i like that its online

  17. Jodi – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    It’s OK, could use less examples.

  18. Sawyer – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    Positive course. I think it is beneficial how it emphasizes that it is okay to fail.

  19. Josh – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    I felt like it was a good course. I learned a lot. I liked the statistics it gave throughout the presentation,

  20. Ashley – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)


  21. Hollis – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)


  22. Rebecca – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)


  23. Mike – HILLSBORO CITY (verified owner)

    I felt the instructors were very thorough with their definitions and explanations along with introducing some effective activities/strategies.

  24. Julia – SAN MARCOS CISD (verified owner)

    Well written.

  25. Christopher – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

    I enjoyed learning about developing a growth mindset with in-class activities

  26. Griselda C. – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Eye opener – learned appropriate praise

  27. Bettina – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)

    Content was helpful but the presentation method can use some improvement. It was too methodical.

  28. Patricia – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

    Loved the strategies given to promote and teach a Growth Mindset.

  29. kimberly – CEDARS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (verified owner)


  30. Ashleigh – DRIPPING SPRINGS ISD (verified owner)

    Good info! I like the ideas to use in the classroom.

  31. Loriah – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)

    This course is very informative and easy to grasp.

  32. Janet – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)

    This course has helped me understand how to apply strategies to my student so they can be successful in their academic studies.

  33. Janet – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

    Interesting ideas for promoting growth mindset.

  34. Cindy – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    Most of the examples were above the grade level I teach, but I can see ways to make adjustments for my student’s needs.

  35. Maribel – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Had a lot of good information.

  36. Sarah – GEORGETOWN ISD (verified owner)

    This course gave good information. It followed up with strategies and activities. It will be very beneficial.

  37. Jennifer – SCHERTZ-CIBOLO-U CITY ISD (verified owner)

    Many great ideas!

  38. Griselda – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    great information

  39. Demi – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    great course

  40. Melida – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Very helpful with understanding why fixed and growth mindsets do matter when it comes to students reaching potential.

  41. Jane – DRIPPING SPRINGS ISD (verified owner)

    This is a basic introduction to Growth Mindset.

  42. Jan – PFLUGERVILLE ISD (verified owner)

    For those who are not familiar with growth mindset and it’s impact, this is a good intro. If you are interested in this topic you can check out the work of Angela Duckworth “Grit” as well

  43. Kelly – MARION CITY (verified owner)

    Provides examples to use in the classroom to promote a Growth Mindset in the classroom.

  44. Casey – New Lexington City Schools (verified owner)

    This course really hits home with my students. I will definitely be using some of these strategies.

  45. Laura – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)


  46. Ashley – New Lexington City Schools (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the strategies I could incorporate into my classroom that will benefit my gifted, advanced, and all other levels of students to enrich growth mindset.

  47. Martin – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Good ideas on instilling the growth mindset.

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