Perfectionism Revisited


Presenter: Dr. Debra Troxclair, Lamar University
Core Area: Social & Emotional
Grade Level:
Elementary & Secondary

Dr. Debbie Troxclair has been following perfectionism research for the past 40 years. Due to her close study of the subject, and her experience as a teacher, Dr. Troxclair presents a course that is rich in insight and resources. When you purchase Dr. Troxclair’s, Perfection Revisited, you will receive a plethora of information, including ALL of her resources, references, and publications referred to in this presentation.

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"Perfectionism Revisited", with Debra Troxclair, Ph.D., will provide you with a plethora of information, including in-depth resources, references, and publications.

In this 1-hour course, you will learn:

  • Why perfectionism exists in G/T students
  • What the experts have to say about the topic
  • How to deal with perfectionism as an educator
  • How perfectionism develops in children
  • And much more!

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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    407 reviews for Perfectionism Revisited

    1. stephanie – WYLIE ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative.

    2. Aida – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative!

    3. Karla – AUSTIN ISD (verified owner)

      Great presenter, great information

    4. Felicia – GALVESTON ISD (verified owner)

      It was very informative.

    5. Kristine – Private Pay (verified owner)

      The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and I learned a lot about perfectionism and gained tools to help students who have perfectionistic tendencies.

    6. Juan – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

      I like the ideas how helping students with being perfectionism.

    7. Maria – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)

      Very informative.

    8. Delia – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)

      Great way to presented.

    9. Kimberly – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)

      I really enjoyed this course! Both for personal and professional benefit!

    10. Cathy – FAYETTE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS (verified owner)

      Very informative

    11. abby – LITTLE CYPRESS-MAURICEVILLE CISD (verified owner)

      Love Troxclair!

    12. Lisa – CARROLL ISD (verified owner)

      I enjoyed this course! I like the information that was given.

    13. Lorena – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative

    14. Ashley – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

      It was interesting and informative.

    15. Tori – BOERNE ISD (verified owner)

      Great information on the different research about perfectionism.

    16. ENGITSHUN – MANSFIELD ISD (verified owner)

      I feel like this course just helped me a parent.

    17. Oscar – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

      Excellent information!

    18. Alison – ORANGE CITY (verified owner)

      Some good thoughts and ideas

    19. Rachel – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)


    20. Jamie – OLENTANGY LOCAL (verified owner)

      I found this course interesting to help me understand my perfectionistic tendencies and those of my students better.

    21. Veronica – REYNOLDSBURG CITY (verified owner)

      I thought it was a good course. It gave valuable information as to how perfectionism is developed and how we can help students cope with that perfectionism.

    22. Debra – HUNTSVILLE ISD – TEXAS ONLINE PREP (verified owner)

      Great reminders of perfectionist characteristics and ways to help students that fall into this mold.

    23. Kristy – ORANGE CITY (verified owner)

      It was nice to be able to do it on my own time

    24. Alma – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

      It’s an awesome training! What an eyeopener! Extremely informative and highly interesting!!

    25. Laura – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      This was really interesting!

    26. David – Private Pay (verified owner)

      This course was okay. The psychology jargon is often over my head. I am not a perfectionist.

    27. Kelly – SPRING ISD (verified owner)

      Good descriptions and tools to help perfectionism in students and teachers.

    28. Jennifer – ANDREWS ISD (verified owner)

      I enjoyed hearing about the Dirty Dozen about perfectionism.

    29. ANGELICA A – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

      I like it I learn many things that I did not know or understand about GT students.

    30. Mary – IRONTON CITY (verified owner)

      As someone who is a perfectionist, it was interesting to have an expert explain some of the traits of perfectionism and how they develop.

    31. John – DAYTON CITY (verified owner)

      I believe this course will be a tool for teachers to use to help students to develop a sense of balance and enjoy learning from their mistakes in their learning journey.

    32. Gabriela – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

      No opinion

    33. Alejandra – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

      I enjoyed the fact that you can work at your own time.

    34. Gregory – DAYTON CITY (verified owner)

      Excellent class that can help the teacher help the teacher as well as helping the kids.

    35. Jennifer – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative


      It was a good way to learn about the symptoms and needs of perfectionism in gifted individuals.

    37. Sheila – HUDSON CITY (verified owner)

      This course shares thoughtful information to help you better understand your students.

    38. Patricia – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

      This has some really good information and useful ideas.

    39. Brenda – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

      This training helped me with ideas and strategies to implement in my classroom and in my life. I have always deal with perfectionism, and the information helped me to understand the roots of that characteristic of my personality.
      Thank you!

    40. Denisse – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)

      great course

    41. Kristi – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

      Lots of good info, but I think the presenter may need therapy.

    42. Charlene – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

      I liked this course it showed me that I am like that I didn’t realize that I was a Perfectionism and that it’s ok to be not perfect.

    43. Gina – MERCEDES ISD (verified owner)

      Great course

    44. Michelle – MARION CITY (verified owner)

      I thought it was very informational and organized.

    45. Sarah – HUFFMAN ISD (verified owner)

      I really like this presenter

    46. Shelli – ORANGE CITY (verified owner)

      It’s important to understand what causes perfectionistic tendencies so we can avoid perpetuating unhealthy messages.

    47. Kenzi – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      Very interesting.

    48. Elsa – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

      It’s really interesting!

    49. Vicki – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      It was relatable!

    50. Lisa – HALLSVILLE ISD (verified owner)

      This felt more like the presenter’s own life story and a presentation of her dissertation, with lessons sprinkled in. Also, as a lifelong gifted procrastinator, it felt like she was preaching to the choir.

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