RED ALERT: Gifted Education as a Civil Right


Presenter: Deborah Mersino, Ingeniosus
Core Area: Differentiated Curriculum
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

The ripple effects of exhaustive testing, economic instability, and outdated myths have resulted in ineffective and confused approaches to gifted education in recent decades. Learn how each component has affected G/T instruction, and what you can do to bring positive change.

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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Did you know you can probably trace your biggest challenges in gifted education back to social and political mistakes? For example, the No Child Left Behind Act was meant to increase support for at-risk and struggling students, but it resulted in a lack of focus and resources for G/T students. Though society and politics may be beyond your help, your gifted students are not! When you understand the roots of the problem, you can become an advocate for better G/T education.

In this 1-hour course, you will learn:

  • How high-stakes testing affects G/T students
  • The impact of the economy on gifted education
  • Pervasive myths about gifted students
  • How you can become an advocate

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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650 reviews for RED ALERT: Gifted Education as a Civil Right


    It was very informative.

  2. Jose – SAN DIEGO ISD (verified owner)

    Very interesting.

  3. William – MERCEDES ISD (verified owner)

    it was good know how a parent can be involved.

  4. Kim – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

    Great course

  5. Lendi – BURLESON ISD (verified owner)

    Great course.

  6. Laura – DEL VALLE ISD (verified owner)

    I thought this presentation was very informative on the current issues facing GT programs.

  7. Margaret – CHISUM ISD (verified owner)


  8. Travers – DEL VALLE ISD (verified owner)


  9. Melissa – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It was great.

  10. Giselle – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    awesome course

  11. Altheea – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Very informative and interesting!

  12. Fallon – MARION CITY (verified owner)

    It was okay, but nothing new learned. This would be a good course for parents of gifted students.

  13. Antonia – DONNA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    good information

  14. Mark – SOUTH TEXAS ISD (verified owner)

    All of this material was new to me.

  15. Francisca – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent information in this course

  16. Juanita – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great information

  17. Leslie – SAN DIEGO ISD (verified owner)


  18. Arlene – FORT STOCKTON ISD (verified owner)

    It was a great course.

  19. Yvonne – FORT STOCKTON ISD (verified owner)

    Great course!


    I like take this course

  21. Sylvia – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)

    Very informative

  22. Jamison – FORT STOCKTON ISD (verified owner)

    I thought this course was great and relevant!

  23. Anita – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    Interesting – however, I’d say it dealt more with supporting gifted education/advocating for gifted learners than it did the actual legality of civil rights.

  24. Roxanna – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Great information

  25. Jose – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


  26. Corina – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    This course was quick and engaging with various ways to help us comprehend the key points

  27. Amanda – BOERNE ISD (verified owner)

    Great pace to engage learner.

  28. Tim – GROVEPORT MADISON LOCAL (verified owner)

    It was amazing.

  29. Andrea – HILLSBORO ISD (verified owner)

    A lot of information.

  30. Pura – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It was interesting

  31. Norma – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Extremely informative

  32. Rachel – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)


  33. Sergio – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Great course.

  34. Melissa – COLUMBIA-BRAZORIA ISD (verified owner)

    Easy and convenient

  35. Stacey – GALVESTON ISD (verified owner)

    I support this training but it needs to be updated for 2022 post Covid, please.

  36. Anh – COLUMBIA-BRAZORIA ISD (verified owner)

    It is a good course.

  37. Gladys – RIO GRANDE CITY CISD (verified owner)


  38. Maria – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great breakdown of information.

  39. Bennie – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)


  40. Christopher – PLANO ISD (verified owner)

    Great strategies and reasons for parents and teachers to advocate for gifted students.

  41. elsie – Springfield City School District (verified owner)

    This Course is productive and gives me a deeper understanding of ways to support gifted education. i would encourage my colleagues to take gifted courses online.

  42. Sulinda – BEAUMONT ISD (verified owner)

    Not so interesting.

  43. Judith – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

    Awesome information

  44. Rebecca – PROSPER ISD (verified owner)

    I learned a lot of ways to advocate for my gifted students and many myths about how gifted students learn too.

  45. james – GALVESTON ISD (verified owner)

    Really informative and a good thing to focus on.

  46. Coleman – New Lexington City Schools (verified owner)

    fund it

  47. Lorena – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    I think this was a great module because it helps to understand what is going on with our gt programs.

  48. Zafarzhan – HARMONY SCIENCE ACADEMY & SCHOOL OF SCIENCE – HOUSTON SOUTH 101846 OR 101862 (verified owner)

    very good

  49. Eduardo – GALVESTON ISD (verified owner)

    I think there was very good of great information

  50. Gabriela – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

    good information is offered

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