PD to Practice System

The PD to Practice System is designed to work with our professional development library to ensure that teachers apply what they learn in our online courses to their classroom instruction, improving student learning and growing better teachers.

Online Professional Development. Anywhere. Anytime.

Key Benefits for Administrators

Flexibility and Accessibility: Your teachers can complete the training from anywhere, at any time.

Accountability and Tracking: Administrators can easily run reports showing teacher progress and completion.

Enhances PLCs: The PD to Practice System provides campus administrators and teacher-leaders with a powerful system that tracks what teachers learn in PD and how well they apply it in the classroom.

Reputability: Every course is presented by recognized authors, trainers, and practitioners.

Increase Instructional Days: Training can be completed on the teacher’s time, without interrupting the school day.

Encourage Teacher Leadership: Helps principals develop and raise up teacher-leaders.