Our team of Mentors

We have assembled a team of mentors from all walks of education and various backgrounds to provide the richest experience available.

Dr. Jeff Arnott

Areas of Expertise: Grant Writing, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Program Development, Adult Education, Family Literacy, Afterschool Pregaming, STEM Education, work-based learning, apprenticeship programs, community and business partnership relationships.

James Bailey

Areas of Expertise: Improvement Science, Principal Development, Instructional Leadership, School Culture, Teacher Retention Strategies, Technology Integration, New School Models

Dr. Joseph Ferguson

Areas of Expertise: Instructional Leadership, Classroom Engagement, Campus Improvement Plan, RTI, Campus Efficiency and Efficacy, Special Programs, Culture Building, Teacher Retention, Effective Professional Development, Effective Incentive Programs, Discipline Management, Campus Systems, Effective Teacher Walkthroughs and Evaluations, Instructional Technology, Classroom Structure, Effective Leadership, Time Management, Strategic Budgeting, Educational Research, PLC, Communication

John Hinds

Areas of Expertise: Systems management, Data analysis, Positive culture building, Turnaround schools, Personal Leadership Development, Data analysis, Trained Life Coach

Dr. Chris Jones

Areas of Expertise: Instructional Leadership, Instructional Coaching, Assessment and Accountability, Campus Leadership, Communication and Culture

Jessica Lane

Areas of Expertise: Data-Informed Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Secondary Math Instruction, Building Leader-Teacher Trust, Teacher Based Teams

Christina McRay

Areas of Expertise: All things Career & Technical Education; teacher coaching; Policies & Procedures; Master Scheduling (both as a stand-alone school and with multiple feeders); documenting events and organizing employee records; school celebrations and public relations (ie selling our school to the community & stakeholders); industry involvement

Theresa Morris

Areas of Expertise: Assessment and Accountability, Instructional Strategies, Teacher mentoring and coaching

Martin Silverman

Areas of Expertise: Building Campus Culture, Communication, Family/Community Engagement, Instructional Strategies (especially in early childhood grades), Teacher Retention, PLC, Working with ELL students/families

Dr. Tony Tipton

Areas of Expertise: Personal leadership development; Culture; Routines & procedures; Organizational leadership; Change leadership; Core value creation; Mission & vision; Discipline