Closing the Achievement Gap: Memory Matters – Extended Learning Session


Presenter: Joyce Juntune, Ph.D.
Core Area: Creativity & Instructional Strategies, Nature & Needs, Instructional Planning and Delivery 1C, Instructional Planning and Delivery 1D, Instructional Planning and Delivery 1E, Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2B|Learning Environment 4D
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Do you ever find yourself questioning how memory works and why it matters in the realm of learning and education? In this 1-hour course, Dr. Joyce Juntune, a seasoned expert in the field of education and intelligence, explores the intricate relationships between memory, learning, and teaching strategies. She illuminates how understanding and harnessing the power of memory can significantly enhance academic performance and close the achievement gap.

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Are you eager to understand the crucial role of memory in education? Dr. Joyce Juntune, an esteemed educational consultant and professor, elucidates the intricacies of memory in her 1-hour course "Closing the Achievement Gap: Memory Matters – Extended Learning Session". She explores the functions of memory and how different teaching strategies influence it, ultimately contributing to academic success.

While this course is beneficial on its own, it is intended as a follow-up session to Closing the Achievement Gap for Students Raised in Poverty, which is available in our course library.

In this course, Dr. Juntune highlights the critical difference between hearing or reading something and truly remembering it. She provides insights into how teaching methods can facilitate memory enhancement for effective learning. By understanding the structure of memory and using specific strategies, learners can optimize their educational experience.

In this 1-hour course, you’ll gain:

  • In-depth understanding of the structure and functions of memory
  • Techniques to bridge the gap between hearing/reading and remembering
  • Knowledge on how teaching strategies can aid memory enhancement
  • Tools to help learners maximize their educational experience
  • Insights into the impact of memory on academic achievement

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    1. Soledad – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      I thing the information was very usefeul.

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      Very informative

    3. David – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Great strategies

    4. Francis – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Definitely a good reminder and practice of differentiating for students organically.

    5. ilene – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      The information presented in this course was concise and informative. Good strategies and examples were also provided.

    6. Kyle – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Useful information presented clearly and concisely.

    7. Ashlee – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Great ideas!

    8. Sara – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Excellent! Very interesting information.

    9. Silvia – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      It should be more interactive 🙂

    10. LISSETTE – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      I really enjoyed the self paced but truly enjoy the person to person interaction.

    11. Erika – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Very informational

    12. Sarah – KILLEEN ISD (verified owner)

      Great information

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