Communicating Your Vision for Success


Presenter: Martin Silverman, Martin Silverman Educational Consulting
Core Area: Domain 1 Strong School Leadership and Planning Indicator 1.2, 1.5; Domain 2 Effective, Well-Supported Teachers Indicator 2.2; Domain 3 Positive School Culture Indicator 3.2
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Are you ready to inspire and lead your school community effectively? In this 1-hour course from Martin Silverman Educational Consulting, Martin Silverman unveils the secrets of effective communication for school leaders. Discover how to articulate your values and vision to foster a thriving school culture.

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How can school leaders establish a vision that resonates with and motivates their entire educational community? This comprehensive 1-hour course, presented by Martin Silverman of Martin Silverman Educational Consulting, delves into the nuanced art of sharing your educational philosophy and goals. Silverman, with his extensive experience as a Texas public school educator, offers a treasure trove of insights on crafting your "stump speech," setting clear expectations, and the subtleties of staff communication. 

In this course, you will discover:

  • Strategies to create and communicate your vision through a powerful "stump speech"
  • Techniques to set up essential house rules and standard operating procedures
  • Best practices for regular and effective staff communication via bulletins and newsletters
  • Ways to align your communication with district expectations without losing individuality
  • Methods to ensure that your message is consistently understood and embraced

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