Digital Citizenship for Educators


Presenter: Responsive Learning
Core Area: Compliance
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary 
Hours: 0.5

Teaching students to be good citizens in the age of technology is an important task. Is your school ready to prepare students to be safe, smart, and responsible digital citizens? In this 30-minute course from Responsive Learning, you’ll learn the best practices for teaching students how to participate safely in digital settings.

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Technology has opened up many opportunities in education, but it also comes with challenges. In the world of cyberbullying, plagiarism, and online predators, it’s important to make sure your students have the skills they need to navigate digital settings. Educators have a unique opportunity to prepare their students for the future, which includes teaching digital citizenship.

In the course Digital Citizenship for Educators, you’ll discover the tools you need to teach your students why it’s important to be smart, safe, and respectful of themselves and others in the digital world. You’ll also learn practical ways to teach digital citizenship that you can start using in your classroom immediately.

In this 30-minute course, you’ll learn about:

  • The R.E.A.D.Y. strategy for schools
  • The five questions to ask yourself before posting online
  • The nine elements of becoming a positive digital citizen
  • Guiding principles for teaching digital citizenship to your students
  • How to comply with copyright and fair use laws as an educator

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    Above my realm of expertise,not something that I would use in my everyday life.

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    It is very helpful.

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