Easy-to-Implement Formative Assessments for the Classroom


Presenter: Katherine McKnight, Ph.D.
Core Area: Creativity & Instructional Strategies, 
Planning 1.1, Planning 1.2, Instruction 2.5
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Oh no! Not another assessment! If you feel that way, don’t walk away now. Formative assessment is the furthest thing from checking a box or creating more busywork— it’s a natural process that is probably already part of your teaching process. It helps you to be more responsive to the needs of your students and have a clear plan for achieving that goal. 

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Formative assessment, in its essence, is a responsive feedback loop that you have with your students. The first part of that recipe is communicating with your students and helping them monitor their own learning so they can give meaningful feedback. The second aspect, and the key to using true formative assessment, is making sure that the assessment actually changes what you do in the classroom.
In “Easy to Implement Formative Assessment Strategies for the Classroom," Dr. Katherine McKnight teaches the basic building blocks of formative assessment so you can easily incorporate this powerful tool into your lessons without adding any complicated rubrics or tests. Assessment doesn’t have to add more work with these practical strategies.
In this course, you will learn:
  • What formative assessment is
  • Why formative assessment matters in the 21st century
  • Formative assessment strategies
  • Effective use of formative assessment in the classroom

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