Essentials for Teaching – Understanding Response to Intervention


Presenter: Lisa Van Gemert, Gifted Guru
Core Area: Planning 1.2, Planning 1.3, Instruction 2.4, Instruction 2.5
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 0.25

If student success is our goal, Response to Intervention (RTI) is just one of the tools we can use to get there. Although it may seem that RTI is just another set of hoops to jump through, it can actually be a powerful method of communication about the progress of students toward their goals. So what exactly is RTI and how can we use it effectively?

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RTI, or Response to Intervention, came out of 2004 legislation that opened the door for all students to receive intervention, not just those who were performing below their intelligence level. It allows teachers to provide resources to any student they think could use support. RTI is not a curriculum or a program as much as a pathway for guiding students toward  successful outcomes based on their “response to interventions.”

“Essentials for Teaching – Understanding Response to Intervention”, Lisa Van Gemert explains 10 things you need to know about RTI in order to make the most of it for your students. Some of the things you will learn include:

  • What RTI is and its origins
  • What RTI models are available
  • How RTI is different than IEPs and 504s
  • How RTI practices fit perfectly with good teaching practices

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