Leading with Clarity


Presenter: Kim Richards, KDR PR
Core Area: 
Instructional Planning and Delivery 1D; Learning Environment 4A, 4C; Professional Practices and Responsibilities 6B, 6C, 6D
Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 3

What impact do you want to have on your leadership and school community? How can you turn your professional goals into a reality? In this 3-hour course, Kim Richards walks you through a step-by-step journey of how to lead with clarity through improving your unique skills. Once you have completed this session, you’ll have a clear vision of how to achieve your leadership goals.

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Leading With Clarity provides a simple communication framework that puts your unique strengths to work as a leader. This helps to unify and activate your school community around a shared vision.

This 3-module course is a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high-level concepts but also how to roll them out into a practical, day-to-day action plan that you and your team can follow. The result? A shift in mindset about your role as leader and communicator along with a detailed roadmap and plan to follow.

Leading with Clarity is a unique school leadership program because it starts with self-awareness and self-reflection. It then zooms out to system-wide communication with all stakeholders and also teaches the nitty-gritty detail that is often overlooked in planning. This is an excellent course for administrators, teachers, and student leaders.

In this 3-hour course, you will learn:

  • How to create a foundation with clarity and intentionality
  • How to understand your strengths and communication style
  • The power of self-reflection practices
  • How to profile your audience
  • How to solidify your messages
  • How to take action toward your goals
  • How to collect and evaluate feedback
  • How to use survey data to refine messaging
  • How to celebrate a new culture of openness

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