Misdiagnosis, Dual Diagnosis of the Gifted


Presenter: Lori Comallie-Caplan
Core Area: Nature and Needs
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Imagine the frustration of being diagnosed, labeled, and even called “crazy”; when you’re actually a perfectly “normal” genius. Mental health and behavioral disorder diagnoses are a hot topic in education, and for good reason. Diagnosis and medication rates are skyrocketing, and gifted students often fall victim to misdiagnosis due to the complex, every-day functioning of their brains.

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In her course, “Misdiagnosis, Dual Diagnosis of the Gifted,” Lori Comallie-Caplan shines a light on the overexcitabilities and tendencies of gifted students that can be mistakenly diagnosed. She explains how the normal, healthy function of a gifted brain can look like behavioral and mental health disorders.

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn to distinguish between true disorders and normal gifted overexcitabilities
  • Gain insight into the intensity, sensitivity, idealism, perfectionism, order, and activity that characterize gifted brains
  • Be better able to meet the needs of gifted students with overexcitabilities
  • Discover how to support students without stigmatizing them

This course is aligned with NAGC Teacher Preparation Standards 7.1, 7.2, 7.3.

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6 reviews for Misdiagnosis, Dual Diagnosis of the Gifted

  1. ruby – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this presentation, I too have gifted children, and it is important as parents to learn their needs.

  2. Roel – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)


  3. Sarai – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)

    great course on misdianosis

  4. Rosa – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)


  5. Astrid – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)

    good information

  6. Jessica – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)

    Course was informative

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