SEL and Strength of Emotions Daily Practice 2: Emotional Arousal


Presenters: Dr. James Bailey, Randy Weiner, Daily SEL Leader
Core Area: Domain 1 Strong School Leadership and Planning Indicator 1.5; Domain 2 Effective, Well-Supported Teachers Indicator 2.2, 2.4; Domain 3 Positive School Culture Indicator 3.2
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 0.25

Are you looking for ways to improve your emotional well-being and develop greater self-awareness? Join Daily SEL Leader, led by renowned educators Dr. James Bailey and Randy Weiner, for the 2nd course in the series "SEL and Strength of Emotion". In this 15-min course on Emotional Arousal, you’ll gain practical tools and strategies to manage your emotions and navigate challenging situations with confidence.

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Do you want to enhance your ability to regulate your emotions and react effectively to challenging situations? In this 15-min course from Daily SEL Leader, you will gain insights on Emotional Arousal, one of the core components of emotional intelligence. Led by Dr. James Bailey and Randy Weiner, experienced educators and authors of The Daily SEL Leader: A Guided Journal, you will learn practical strategies to manage your emotional responses and build resilience.

Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how emotions impact your thoughts, behavior, and relationships. You will explore different techniques to self-regulate and increase your emotional awareness, such as breathing exercises, visualization, and positive self-talk. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to identify your emotional triggers and respond in a productive and positive manner.

In this 0.25-hour course, you will learn:

  • The concept of Emotional Arousal and its impact on emotional regulation
  • Strategies for managing emotional triggers and building resilience
  • Techniques to increase emotional awareness and self-regulation, such as breathing exercises and visualization

    Even though these sessions are beneficial on their own, they are intended to be taken as a series, taken daily, in order.

    The other parts of this series are:

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