Serving TAG Students in the Regular Classroom


Presenter: Daniel Brillhart & Nicole Shannon
Core Area: Creativity & Instructional Strategies
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

In this course, participants will learn about how TAG (Talented and Gifted) students can be served within the regular classroom without simply “adding more work”. This course offers ideas for creative literature circles, adding depth and complexity, and introducing non-standard problem solving. The presenters share projects and products and include demonstrations of specific instructional activities in language arts and mathematics.

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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Become introduced to some exciting and innovative ways you can serve your G/T students in a traditional classroom. Not only will you learn the concepts and theory for serving gifted students, but you will also discover specific resources, project ideas, and activities that you can begin using in your classroom right away.In this course you will learn: 
  • The importance of pre-assessing students before accelerating them 
  • How to take a literature circle experience and make it meaningful 
  • The benefits of teaching Bloom’s Taxonomy in literature 
  • Ways in which depth and complexity can be developed in book studies 
  • The importance of “non-standard problem solving” for gifted students

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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1517 reviews for Serving TAG Students in the Regular Classroom

  1. Rhonda – KILLEEN ISD (verified owner)

    The ideas presented for the lit circles really were such an easy shift in thinking for me. The students will have think deeper and in turn get a much deeper understanding of the book. The problem solving ideas really help develop metacognition.

  2. Jose – SAN DIEGO ISD (verified owner)

    Good information.

  3. Shanna – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    I liked the ideas on how to teach students to summarize a book.

  4. Melissa – ELYRIA CITY SCHOOLS (verified owner)

    Helpful for pre-assessment data

  5. Patricia – ELYRIA CITY SCHOOLS (verified owner)

    This course gave me real hands on information that I can use in my classroom right now!

  6. Lendi – BURLESON ISD (verified owner)

    good course

  7. Marcela – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    The course helps to remember and reinforce the way GT students think

  8. Norma – MANSFIELD ISD (verified owner)


  9. Jose Luis – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    I learned new instructional strategies that I can use in my classroom.

  10. Alicia – HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    Fact paces, specific, high-quality work examples.

  11. Melissa – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It was great.

  12. Stephanie – MANSFIELD ISD (verified owner)

    helped me to better understand how to get students to critically think.

  13. Deena – CHISUM ISD (verified owner)

    I really liked the way the presenters allowed students ownership of their learning in the projects and lessons taught.

  14. Maria E. – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Interesting course.

  15. Teresa – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Great course

  16. Jennifer – Private Pay (verified owner)

    Very imformative!

  17. Vicki – CHISUM ISD (verified owner)

    It has some good points on how to get students to write questions on higher level thinking

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