Special Education Basics – First-Then Visuals


Presenter: Ayo Jones, Noodle Nook
Core Area:
Instructional Planning and Delivery 1D; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2C; Learning Environment 4B, 4C, 4D
Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 0.5

From standing in line at the coffee shop to reading road signs, visuals are a key part of helping us make sense of the world. We use these visuals everyday to help us process our lives.

Using First-Then visuals is a great way to help support your special education students. In this 30 minute course from Noodle Nook, Ayo Jones shares all the information you need to create effective visuals based on research. After taking this course, you’ll be able to confidently use the information presented to apply First-Then visuals in your classroom.

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We use visuals everyday to help us process our lives. Visuals on our morning cup of coffee remind us that the contents may be hot. Visuals on road signs let us know that there are lanes merging ahead, and visuals on an airplane tell us when it’s safe to get up from our seats. As an educator, you can leverage the power of visuals to equip your special education students for success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

In this course, educator and consultant Ayo Jones will walk you through the research-based process of creating First-Then visuals that will support your teaching and help you with classroom management. Using these visuals will allow your students to transition between tasks more easily, manage their anxiety, and meet classroom expectations.

In this 30 minute course, you will learn:

  • What a First-Then visual is
  • Who benefits from using First-Then visuals
  • When to implement First-Then visuals
  • Why you should use First-Then visuals in your classroom
  • Best practices and strategies for creating First-Then visuals

Ms. Jones dives deep into First-Then visuals and gives practical steps for creating effective visuals for a multitude of educational situations. No matter what needs your students have, you’ll walk away with actionable tips that you can start using today.

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  1. Stacy – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    Loved this course and information presented. Glad to have a printable resource too!

  2. Christine – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this refresher and feel that it would also be beneficial for teaching assistants to take this training.

  3. Susan – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    4 stars

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  5. RACHAEL – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

    good course

  6. RLAPI10 – Test District (verified owner)

    Admin test

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