Understanding the Neurology and Overexcitabilities of the Gifted


Presenter: Lori Comallie-Caplan
Core Area: Social and Emotional
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Why do gifted children sometimes have sensitivities or tendencies that challenge teachers and parents? Overexcitabilities are common occurrences in GT children due to their hyper-efficient brains. There are specific skills and strategies to help identify and equip gifted children with overexcitabilities.

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In this 1-hour course, Lori Comallie-Caplan will explain the biology behind overexcitabilities in gifted children, and give practical strategies to identify them and manage them within the classroom or home. Ms. Comallie-Caplan also focuses on giving gifted children understanding and tools to manage their own overexcitabilities for a lifetime.

You will learn how to:

  • Name five characteristics of the biology of the gifted brain
  • Describe each of five types of overexcitability
  • Describe both the strengths and the problems that are associated with the five overexcitabilities
  • Name at least three strategies for working with each overexcitability

This course is aligned with 2016 ODE Teacher Competencies d, e, and NAGC Teacher Preparation Standards 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, and 5.5.

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680 reviews for Understanding the Neurology and Overexcitabilities of the Gifted

  1. Misti – Morgan Local Schools (verified owner)

    Great presenter! Enthusiastic and Easily understood!

  2. gary – MARION CITY (verified owner)

    went well, good information

  3. Dawn – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    It’s very interesting. I did have some problems with the technology, however. I wasn’t able to move forward after quizzes. I had to keep restarting the presentation.

  4. SAUL – Private Pay (verified owner)

    Great training that shows the Overexcitabitilies of GT kids.

  5. Diana – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

    Very informative

  6. Phyllis – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)


  7. Larissa – MCKINNEY ISD (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this class. I think it helps in the classroom along with my personal children.

  8. Leslie – PLANO ISD (verified owner)

    Very informative and helpful. The information will be very useful at home and at school.

  9. kelly – MCKINNEY ISD (verified owner)

    i would recommend.

  10. Jimmie – DUNCANVILLE ISD (verified owner)

    This course is excellent to learn that we should always look at things with more than one perspective.

  11. Daniela – MANSFIELD ISD (verified owner)

    I think this course is outstanding. It really helped me understand the neurology of gifted children.

  12. James – NORTHSIDE ISD – SAN ANTONIO – REGION 20 (verified owner)


  13. Heather – MCKINNEY ISD (verified owner)

    Great survey! I feel like I have a much better understanding of the different exciteabilities that may be demonstrated by gifted students in my classroom and in my home.

  14. Jennifer – SCHERTZ-CIBOLO-U CITY ISD (verified owner)

    Can be shortened

  15. Erin – MONROEVILLE LOCAL (verified owner)

    It was ok. A bit long for the topic

  16. Jennifer – SPRING ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very informative.

  17. Kathleen – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

    This course did a good job of explaining some of the behaviors that might be exhibited by Gifted students, and gave ways to help children experiencing difficulties that stem from these behaviors.

  18. John – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    need to know info

  19. Nicole – SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (verified owner)

    I found it very helpful and wish I had known these things when raising my GT kid.

  20. Sherryl – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    This was highly interesting and very relevant!

  21. Jacinta – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great session! Eye opener.

  22. Lucinda – Private Pay (verified owner)

    Ms. Comallie-Caplan in an enthusiastic, experienced presenter who provides valuable insight and tools! Time well spent.

  23. yolanda – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    very interesting information

  24. JANIE – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    Great information

  25. Lisa – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    Fantastic educational course.

  26. Laura – Private Pay (verified owner)

    It was very interested and helpful!

  27. Kim – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    I like the examples.

  28. Lisa – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Great course to provide insight about different types of gifted students and their needs

  29. Raquel – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It was interesting to find how they use standard deviation.

  30. Curtis – BELTON ISD (verified owner)

    The training course had a lot of good content.

  31. Alma – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Very interesting

  32. Patricia – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    So interesting I want to continue reading more about it on my own.

  33. Amanda – DELAWARE CITY (verified owner)

    Awesome! Really helps you to get an understanding of the five overexcitabilities, how they manifest, and how to help students cope.

  34. Christopher – PLANO ISD (verified owner)

    Great information. I was able to see multiple characteristics of several students in my classes throughout the years.

  35. VICTORIA H – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent insight!!

  36. Maria – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent strategies and awareness

  37. Nancy – WACO ISD (verified owner)


  38. Mariana – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    I loved learning about all the excitabilities, it was very interesting to hear.


    I teach students in Special Education as well as GT. This course has helped me to see clearer how the behaviors may become blurred or misunderstood. This course will help be become a better informed advocate for my students.

  40. Daisy – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    great info

  41. Andrea – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    It was interesting, kept my attention, had a good pace and was helpful to me professionally.

  42. Delfina – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It helps you better understand the overexcitable gifted learner in your class.

  43. Alice – CARLISLE LOCAL (verified owner)

    5 star
    Very informative and easy to understand.

  44. Lillie Noelle – BELTON ISD (verified owner)

    I enjoyed it.

  45. Karen – EAST CHAMBERS ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent mechanisms for dealing with overexcitabilities

  46. Martha – Private Pay (verified owner)

    Very interesting. I found out many things about my own children

  47. Lilia – MIDWAY ISD – WOODWAY (verified owner)

    This is such a great and very informative professional development. I have learned so much about the neurology and overexcitabilities of gifted students and their characteristics. Most importantly, I have learned ways on how to help them overcome their overexcitabilities and become successful life long learners.

  48. Rebecca – Region 17 (verified owner)

    The presentation kept me involved the entire time. The information presented was interesting and applicable.

  49. Catherine – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    The quiz was extremely hard. too much information

  50. Mikal – MIDWAY ISD – WOODWAY (verified owner)

    The presenter gave numerous real life stories and examples to help keep the information interesting.

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