Unpacking the T-TESS Rubric


Give your teachers quick access to complete breakdowns of each T-TESS dimension. This bundle of 15-minute right-to-the-point courses, one for each dimension, is designed to uncover all the key elements of each dimension. Unpacking the T-TESS Rubric is a fantastic add-on to the Online T-TESS Orientation and Online T-TESS Refresher.


Unpacking the T-TESS Rubric is a collection of short 15-minute courses (one for each dimension) designed to give your teachers a complete understanding of each dimension. Here is what each course covers:
  • Overview of the dimension
  • An in-depth look at the different performance levels
  • Describes what proficiency looks like
  • Connects the dimension to the Texas Teaching Standards
  • Provides what the appraisers will “look for” during classroom observations

When combined with the Online T-TESS Orientation and Online T-TESS Refresher,  your teachers will know the T-TESS appraisal system inside and out.

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