Creating a Culture of Trust – Build Loyal, Engaged Teams


Presenter: Michelle Tillis Lederman, Executive Essentials
Core Area: Domain 1 Strong School Leadership and Planning Indicator 1.4, 1.5; Domain 2 Effective, Well-Supported Teachers Indicator 2.3; Domain 3 Positive School Culture Indicator 3.2, Domain 3 Positive School Culture Indicator 3.4
Grade Level: Secondary
Hours: 1

Are you looking to build a team that is loyal, engaged, and productive? In this 1-hour course from Executive Essentials, Michelle Tillis Lederman, a Forbes Top 25 networking expert, guides you through the principles of creating a culture of trust. Discover the key pillars of trust and learn actionable strategies to foster a transparent and cohesive work environment.


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Do you want to enhance team loyalty, engagement, and productivity? In this 1-hour course from Executive Essentials, Michelle Tillis Lederman shares her expertise on building a culture of trust. As a renowned networking expert and CEO of Executive Essentials, Michelle breaks down the essential elements that contribute to a trustworthy and collaborative work atmosphere. Through engaging examples and practical advice, you’ll learn how to establish and maintain trust within your team.

>In this 1-hour course, you will discover:

  • The four pillars of trust: authenticity, vulnerability, transparency, and consistency
  • How to identify signs of trust absence and its impact on team dynamics
  • Effective communication techniques to enhance transparency
  • Strategies for fostering an open and inclusive work environment
  • Methods to restore broken trust and build stronger connections

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