Creativity Disclaimer – Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing! – Extended Learning Session


Presenter: Shannon Anderson
Core Area: 
Instructional Planning and Delivery 1A, 1C; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2B; Content Knowledge and Expertise 3A; Learning Environment 4D; Professional Practices and Responsibilities 6A
Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Looking for ways to spark creativity and a love for writing in your students? In this 1-hour Extended Learning Session from Shannon Anderson, students will learn engaging techniques to develop their writing skills. Shannon shares practical strategies and activities that encourage students to express themselves and enjoy the writing process. These methods will not only improve their writing abilities but also boost their confidence.

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Are you searching for methods to engage your students and help them fall in love with writing? In this 1-hour course from Shannon Anderson, a distinguished author of children’s books and seasoned teacher, you’ll discover various approaches to inspire creativity and improve students’ writing abilities. Shannon provides an extensive selection of activities, tips, and techniques to make writing enjoyable and engaging for your students.
Throughout the course, Shannon explores the use of mentor texts, creative writing activities, and methods to engage reluctant writers. She also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and introduces poetry and other writing forms to expand students’ creative horizont.

While this course is beneficial on its own, it is intended as a follow-up session to Creativity Disclaimer – Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing!, which is available in our course library.

In this 1-hour course, you will learn:

  • How to use mentor texts to inspire students and develop their writing voices
  • Creative writing activities to boost students’ skills and confidence
  • Strategies for engaging reluctant writers and creating a supportive writing environment
  • The benefits of collaborative writing and storytelling for building teamwork and creativity
  • Incorporating poetry and other writing forms to foster a love for writing throughout the year

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    21 reviews for Creativity Disclaimer – Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing! – Extended Learning Session

    1. Shelley – Danville Local (verified owner)

      I felt the course was good. I have attended her speaking and have one of her books. I did feel that the question in the quiz regarding fluency turned itself into a trick question when leaving off the word sentence. While I knew the word sentence with it, I’m not sure that this course (at an hour) is enough to internalize the six traits of writing if you did not know them coming in. Also, all of the extras with books at the end is rough for people only living on their teacher salary. It will promote inequity in districts where some teachers can afford to do it and some cannot.

    2. Ethan – Springfield City School District (verified owner)

      I love learning from Shannon. I think she has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share.

    3. Leticia – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

      A defininte must attend. Tremendous wealth of new ideas.

    4. Gloria – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

      Great course with great writing activities for the whole school year!

    5. Soledad – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      It was very interesting.

    6. Naomi – KILLEEN ISD (verified owner)

      I loved the engaging strategies, especially the “author chair” the presenter did in her classroom.

    7. Grace – FORT STOCKTON ISD (verified owner)

      Very interesting and her examples are easy to implement.


      Great subject

    9. Carolina – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative. I loved the ideas to motivate creative wrtiting

    10. Tracey – FLOUR BLUFF ISD (verified owner)

      It was not a secondary training. My HS students might like having stuffed animals created from their imaginative writing, but it does not correlate w/ their TEKS>

    11. David – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Worth your while.

    12. Francis – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Very useful to get students writing!

    13. Ashlee – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Great ideas!

    14. Sara – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      It is very interesting.

    15. Mayra – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      The ideas that were given were really interesting. Something I would like to try with my students.

    16. Mayte – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Really liked the information on how to get students to write. This is a subject I struggle teaching but hopefully implementing some of the ideas I can get them more involved.

    17. Norma – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)


    18. Erika – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      It was good but I teach math and I would have a hard time implementing something like this is my classroom.

    19. Rosa – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      I enjoyed watching the students tell us about the Six Traits which included a song.

    20. Peggy – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      It was pretty interesting.

    21. Lorena – ANTHONY ISD (verified owner)

      Good training but not geared for high school teachers

    22. Victor – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

      It gives many ideas for creative writing and allows the students’ imaginations to flourish.

    23. JENNIFER – PRESIDIO ISD (verified owner)

      Interesting writing activities

    24. RLAPI101 – Test District (verified owner)

      RL Test

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