Creativity Disclaimer – Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing!


Presenter: Shannon Anderson
Core Area:
Instructional Planning and Delivery 1A, 1C; Knowledge of Students and Student Learning 2B; Content Knowledge and Expertise 3A; Learning Environment 4D; Professional Practices and Responsibilities 6A
Grade Level: 
Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Want to spark some creativity in your young writers and get them excited to try new writing techniques? In this 1-hour course, award-winning teacher and author Shannon Anderson will share sure-fire ways to inspire kids to be more innovative and clever with their writing endeavors. In this course, you’ll discover mentor texts and exercises from real writers that you can use in your classroom. This course is the ultimate guide for teaching aspiring writers, and it may just get YOU inspired to write with more pizzazz, too!

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While some students may have a natural knack for writing, others may need help learning how to grow this skill. A little bit of inspiration goes a long way in helping them learn to stretch their creative writing muscles. In this 1-hour course, Creativity Disclaimer — Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing, award-winning educator Shannon Anderson shares her best tips for learning creative ways to inspire kids to write.

Ms. Anderson is a 25-year veteran educator, children’s book author, and speaker. Her passion is helping students cultivate a love for reading and writing, as well as helping educators find creative ways to inspire kids to write. Ms. Anderson helps make creative writing fun, exciting, and something to look forward to.

After taking this course, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How to set up a writer’s notebook
  • Using figurative language in writing
  • Word choice in writing
  • How to use quotes
  • Playing with rhymes
  • Creative writing exercises to get your students thinking
  • How to organize a story

Extend your learning and earn another CPE credit! This course has a recorded Virtual Extended Learning Session where Lisa Van Gemert provides strategies and application tips. Click Here: Creativity Disclaimer: Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing! – Extended Learning Session

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345 reviews for Creativity Disclaimer – Your Kids May Fall in Love with Writing!

  1. Lee – BOLING ISD (verified owner)

    Wonderful activities that I can’t wait to implement in my classroom.

  2. Summer – Logan-Hocking Local Schools (verified owner)

    This course included a variety of great ideas for encouraging creative writing in the classroom, but it is geared towards elementary teachers.

  3. Paul – KILLEEN ISD (verified owner)

    The word for the day is condescending…

  4. Shelby – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    Awesome ideas!

  5. Kenneth – GALVESTON ISD (verified owner)

    This course was very informative. It gave me a lot of ideas to try with my students.

  6. Gloria – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great activities to turn students into awesome writers!

  7. Isolda – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    Great course. I can’t wait to implement some of these creative writing ways with my class this year.

  8. Jasmin – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    Great writing skills information!

  9. Gabriele – ALICE ISD (verified owner)

    Really great ideas for mentor texts

  10. Natalie – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    I enjoy Shannon’s courses and she brings many interesting ideas to involve writing in a fun, creative and knowledgeable way for the students. I wrote some notes down so I can try it in my science class with science topics.

  11. Georgina – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    It is really geared toward elementary levels, not so great for secondary.

  12. Yvette – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

    These are good ideas with room to adjust for secondary students.

  13. Valarie – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    Great! She is animated when she is discussing the ideas.

  14. Brian – WESTERVILLE CITY (verified owner)

    There are some amazing ideas presented in this course. The list of mentor texts is phenomenal too.

  15. Kristy – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)

    Absolutely enjoyed her ideas!

  16. Joshua – NORTHRIDGE LOCAL (verified owner)

    She always does a great job!

  17. Elizabeth – ELYRIA CITY SCHOOLS (verified owner)

    Great ideas to use in elementary school writing classroom.

  18. Jordan – CARROLL ISD (verified owner)

    This was a great resource for getting students to write and adding to our writing.

  19. Adriana – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great for teachers teaching writing.

  20. Celeste – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)


  21. Allison – River View Local Schools (verified owner)

    Interesting on different language

  22. Tracy – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

    I love how this author uses book examples to teach writing.

  23. Daniel – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


  24. Marla – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Great ideas, and strategies.

  25. Israel – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Certainly provides new ideas to teachers at various level of year experience.

  26. Yadira – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    This course was very informative.

  27. Velma – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    It was very good at giving ways to help students enjoy writing and feel successful at it.

  28. Marisa – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    There were a lot of great book ideas given that I could use in the classroom.

  29. Maria – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course. I was able to see how a variety of text can be used to serve as mentor text, and the enjoyment the students will have in writing their own stories.

  30. Angela – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Great ideas

  31. Sandra – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Very informative

  32. Maria – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    Great course!

  33. Elizabeth – WESLACO ISD (verified owner)

    This course was pretty amazing. Thank you!

  34. Nianna – VALLEY VIEW ISD PHARR – REGION 01 (verified owner)

    I like how the presenter reviews the different types of mentor books to adapt to writing settings for the students. Different structures provide lots of avenues for creativity

  35. Monica – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    good course

  36. Debbie – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    It’s great information.

  37. Michelle – BLANCHESTER LOCAL (verified owner)

    I always enjoy her courses.

  38. Stacey – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)


  39. Lorena – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)


  40. Mayra – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    It was very well organized.

  41. Blanca – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)


  42. Veronica – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)


  43. Aranay – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    very informative

  44. Chriselda – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    It is very informative.

  45. Javier – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    This was an awesome course that shows a wide variety of writing styles.

  46. patricia – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    Figurative Language great resources

  47. Norma – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    I love teaching figurative language skill. Presentation was awesome.

  48. Dionicia – EDCOUCH-ELSA ISD (verified owner)

    great course

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