Don’t Say Use Your Indoor Voice


Presenter: Sarah Wiseman, Frisco ISD
Core Area: Social & Emotional
Grade Level: Elementary|Secondary
Hours: 1

Students who possess a psychomotor over excitability, a verbal and physical intensity common to the gifted, can leave teachers wondering, "What am I going to do with this ball of energy?" These students can cause disruptions, but it is possible to channel their energy in a positive way.

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Use your inside voice. Zip your lips. Keep your seat in the seat. Ssssshhhhhh! As teachers, we are always looking for strategies to help keep our students voices and bodies under control. But many of those strategies wont work for students with a psychomotor overexcitability. in “Don’t Say Use Your Indoor Voice,” Sarah Wisemen offers tips for managing students’ incredible, boundless energy.

In this course, participants will:

  • Develop a better understanding of psychomotor overexcitabilities
  • Help students with psychomotor overexcitabilities harness their intensities by using classroom structures that respects their talents
  • Provide these students with tools to navigate a variety of academic and social situations

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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    483 reviews for Don’t Say Use Your Indoor Voice

    1. Tammy – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

      5 stars, it’s a great course

    2. Angel – New Lexington City Schools (verified owner)

      Good classroom management ideas

    3. Nicole – SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (verified owner)

      I love the subject of Letting your freak flag fly! Embrace our differences.

    4. tina – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)

      I really liked it. The sound scale is a great idea.

    5. Kelly – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)


    6. Judy – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      It’s good to know that all overly excited students aren’t necessarily ADHD.

    7. Anthony – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

      I enjoyed it very much

    8. Rodolfo – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)

      Great presentation helps you understand kids better.

    9. Carmela – EDINBURG CISD (verified owner)


    10. Zulma – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

      Reflective questions would have been nice throughout the course to give a brain break.

    11. KATHERINE – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

      Enjoyed course – Ms. Wiseman was energetic throughout course

    12. Bennie – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

      It was a very interesting session and the presenter was fun and energetic too.

    13. Jani – ELYRIA CITY SCHOOLS (verified owner)

      Interesting course, easy to follow.

    14. Tamara – MECHANICSBURG EXEMPTED VILLAGE (verified owner)

      The title is deceptive.

    15. Ellen – MECHANICSBURG EXEMPTED VILLAGE (verified owner)

      This course is more focused on a specific type of students whereas based on the title I thought I would be getting more classroom strategies for a larger majority of my students.

    16. Cari – GREGORY-PORTLAND ISD (verified owner)

      Great course!

    17. ESTHER – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

      It helped better understand some of my students.

    18. Nikki – LITTLE CYPRESS-MAURICEVILLE CISD (verified owner)

      I really enjoyed this session.

    19. Maria – GRAND PRAIRIE ISD (verified owner)


    20. Amanda – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative.

    21. susan – REYNOLDSBURG CITY (verified owner)


    22. Heather – HARMONY SCIENCE ACADEMY & SCHOOL OF SCIENCE – HOUSTON SOUTH 101846 OR 101862 (verified owner)


    23. Melanie – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      I feel like more information could have been given. I also had a lot of technology trouble with this video for some reason.

    24. Kerri – Colonel Crawford Local Schools (verified owner)

      Great ideas and ways to help these types of students in our classrooms.

    25. Vicki – Colonel Crawford Local Schools (verified owner)

      Great ideas to help our very active students.

    26. Kendra – PFLUGERVILLE ISD (verified owner)

      It was a great course that gave super classroom management techniques.

    27. Diana – PHARR-SAN JUAN-ALAMO ISD (verified owner)

      Very intresting

    28. Amanda – DELAWARE CITY (verified owner)

      It helped me understand the difference between ADHD and overexcited students. It also gave me some teaching strategies to help with classroom management with these students.

    29. Wendy – LITTLE CYPRESS-MAURICEVILLE CISD (verified owner)


    30. Jennifer – DELAWARE CITY (verified owner)

      This course was very interesting. It really makes you stop and think about some of the students in your class who you might think have ADHD, but really, they may just have Psychomotor Overexcitability.

    31. Cynthia – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

      I can relate a lot to my students

    32. Tony – FAIRBANKS LOCAL (verified owner)

      5 stars
      The presenter provided a variety of resources to help the teacher follow best practices for helping every student succeed in and out of the classroom.

    33. Madison – CONROE ISD (verified owner)

      Great course! This helps me with my understanding of students.

    34. STEPHANIE A – SOCORRO ISD (verified owner)

      I liked it.

    35. Edgar – BELTON ISD (verified owner)

      easy to follow

    36. Sumeyye – HARMONY SCIENCE ACADEMY & SCHOOL OF SCIENCE – HOUSTON SOUTH 101846 OR 101862 (verified owner)

      I like it!

    37. Antonia – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

      Interesting information

    38. Rebecca – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

      Wonderful information, it made me think of how I deal with the students in my class who exhibit those overexcited characteristics.

    39. Jeffrey – MEDINA VALLEY ISD (verified owner)


    40. Demetria – PORT NECHES-GROVES ISD (verified owner)

      Very informative. Lots of good tools to use with students.

    41. Paulina – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

      Informs you of the differences between overexcitibility in children as oppose to ADHD.

    42. Thelma – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

      This was a very informative presentation.

    43. Delfina – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

      Very Informative

    44. Angela – GEORGETOWN ISD (verified owner)

      I liked this training. It was interesting and explained in a great way.

    45. Ginger – Allen East Local Schools (verified owner)

      Good tips for the “movers and shakers” in your classroom.

    46. Melinda – GRAND PRAIRIE ISD (verified owner)

      It was a great course and has many good pieces of information that can be used in the classroom

    47. Randie – HUTTO ISD (verified owner)

      This was a good course–I really did not know much about psycho-motor overexcitability until I completed this course.

    48. Sandra – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


    49. William – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

      good info

    50. Melissa Yvette – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


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