Introduction to Lesson Design


Presenters: Karen Rumley
Core Area: Curricular Content Knowledge 3.1, ODE Teacher Competency a, b, c; OAGC Lesson Design
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

Are you ready to give your lesson design skills a boost? After taking this informative course from the Ohio Association for Gifted Children, educators will begin to develop a toolbox of various approaches for differentiated instruction. Discover techniques for creative thinking, research methods, cooperative learning options, and more. Whether you have many years of teaching under your belt or this is your first year in the classroom, this course will challenge and inspire you to become a better teacher.  

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One size doesn’t fit all in education, so how can you give your students what they need to thrive academically? The answer lies in lesson design. In this course from the Ohio Association for Gifted Children, educators will learn how to create lessons that are designed specifically for their students.

Educator Karen Rumley will give you tools that you can add to your academic toolbox to help you customize your content and instruction. You will learn how to differentiate based on content, difficulty, and depth. Whether you have many years of teaching under your belt or this is your first year in the classroom, this course will challenge and inspire you to become a better teacher. 

After taking this course educators will understand how to:

  • Design lessons
  • Group and assign tasks
  • Create a toolbox
  • Facilitate differentiation
2016 ODE Teacher Competencies: a, b, c
NAGC Teacher Preparation Standard: 3.1

Click here for a leader’s guide created by the Ohio Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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79 reviews for Introduction to Lesson Design

  1. Carrie – NORTHRIDGE LOCAL (verified owner)

    The presenter did a good job in introducing the need for definite lesson design that takes into account gifted students in the regular classroom.

  2. Melanie – Yellow Springs Exempted Village (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the various strategies for differentiation. The elaboration was sufficient and it felt like my time was respected/well utilized.

  3. Austin – CIRCLEVILLE CITY (verified owner)


  4. Aaron – CIRCLEVILLE CITY (verified owner)

    Great course

  5. Abby – CIRCLEVILLE CITY (verified owner)

    Ideas offered in this course are applicable in a classroom setting for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

  6. James – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    interviewers ask questions to learn more about you and to find out things other than what may be on your application or resume. Interviewers may ask about your course selection to learn more about your personality, interests and goals. This question may help them gauge your interest in or passion for a particular subject or field.

  7. Trisha – WESTERN BROWN LOCAL (verified owner)

    a lot of good ideas

  8. Becky – Centerburg Local (verified owner)

    I enjoyed learning about a new strategy (List Menu) to help organize instruction/investigation for gifted learners.

  9. Kelly – PROSPER ISD (verified owner)

    It was very helpful.

  10. Karen – Centerburg Local (verified owner)

    Although it was an overview, it included enough specific ideas to make me feel equipped to implement something new, and it also encouraged me in many of the things I already do.

  11. Brittany – NORTHRIDGE LOCAL (verified owner)

    Easy but informative.

  12. Lisa – CIRCLEVILLE CITY (verified owner)

    This course is valuable to learn how best to encourage learning for all students.

  13. kelly – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    very good ideas and approaches to reach different level learners

  14. Angela – WESTERN BROWN LOCAL (verified owner)

    Very informative

  15. Vikki – EASTERN LOCAL (verified owner)

    Lots of interesting information regarding differentiating lessons for the gifted students in your room.

  16. Gloria – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    It has some good ideas about options for students.

  17. Jennifer – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    Lots of different ideas to use within the classroom to differentiate.

  18. Susie – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)

    Less dry than the last one.

  19. Gabe – RIPLEY-UNION-LEWIS-HUNTINGTON LOCAL (verified owner)


  20. Amanda – FAYETTEVILLE-PERRY LOCAL (verified owner)

    Very thorough

  21. TJ – Jefferson Area Local Schools (verified owner)

    It was a good course

  22. Katherine – WESTERN BROWN LOCAL (verified owner)

    It was beneficial, I do think that the discussion of differentiation was focused more on lower grade levels so thinking about some of these things being appropriate for older students could be challenging but not impossible.

  23. Amy – WESTERN BROWN LOCAL (verified owner)

    Lots of good ideas

  24. Allyson – WESTERN BROWN LOCAL (verified owner)

    Good review of some previously learned concepts.

  25. Rebecca – EASTERN LOCAL (verified owner)


  26. Carrie – CHARDON LOCAL (verified owner)

    I already knew most of this.

  27. Christina – EVERMAN ISD (verified owner)

    It was helpful.

  28. Aubrey – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

    Great course!

  29. Georgina – DONNA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)


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