Differentiated STEM Integration for the Classroom – Assessing Products and Performances


Presenter: Carolyn Coil, Pieces of Learning
Core Area: Planning 1.1, Planning 1.4, Instruction 2.1, Instruction 2.2, Instruction 2.4
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

It’s the challenge every teacher faces: how do you grade fairly when improvement, growth, and knowledge are different for each student? It starts with creating a rubric. In this course, Carolyn Coil offers tips for shaping practical, understandable rubrics for differentiated classrooms.

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Grading rubrics aren’t perfect, particularly when you’re trying to assess students who have different strengths, skills, and levels of knowledge. In Differentiated STEM Integration for the Classroom – Assessing Products and Processes, Carolyn Coil provides practical advice as well as examples for shaping good rubrics that can immediately be applied in the classroom

This course covers:

  • Assessing student work using complex rubrics
  • Tips for shaping rubrics that children understand
  • Shaping rubrics to help grade effectively and fairly
  • Sample rubrics

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17 reviews for Differentiated STEM Integration for the Classroom – Assessing Products and Performances

  1. Maria – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    This course includes good information on what to add or include in rubrics to further improve assessing students’ performances.

  2. Gilberto – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    A lot of good tips and information. I do not use rubrics as I teach elementary Social Studies. Nonetheless, good information !

  3. Carolina – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course because it is very detailed and has a lot of good information on how to create a rubric. I liked the extension a lot because it differentiates for GT students and motivates other student to work harder.

  4. Sara – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Very useful information.

  5. Erika – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Great Course!

  6. Grelsm – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    It was informative.

  7. Andrea – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    The course was very informative.

  8. Elisa – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Well presented

  9. Laura – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    I really appreciated how the presenter took the time to go into section of the rubric.

  10. Maria – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Using a rubric makes it easier to let the students know their points.

  11. STEPHANIE – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)


  12. Fernando – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    Very informative!

  13. Cordelia – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    It was great

  14. Melanie – BURLESON ISD (verified owner)


  15. Amanda – MIDWAY ISD – WOODWAY (verified owner)

    Love the idea of the extension column on rubrics. This will completely change my rubrics that I use.

  16. Mary – VAN WERT CITY (verified owner)

    This was a useful to refresh knowledge on rubrics. It did not teach me anything too.

  17. Irene Gloria – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


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