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Responsive Learning makes meeting TEA SPED Self-Assessment rubric standards easy with the best in expert content providers, engaging courses, and customizable dashboards for management, tracking, and evaluation. Meeting state requirements, setting goals, and supporting student growth has never been easier.

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SPED Professional Development Products and Pricing

We have product bundles to serve SPED educators and administrators.
Every course is produced by thought-leading authors, trainers, and practitioners.

SPED Self-Assessment Rubric PD (2021-2022)

This bundle covers all of the necessary rubric points for a district in compliance with TEA’s SPED guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year. Check the current TEA guidelines for SPED professional development here:  TEA Guidelines

SPED PD Library

Choose up to 6 hours of engaging SPED courses presented by renowned experts in the field, including Ayo Jones and Lisa Van Gemert. These on-demand courses are easily accessible and available at your convenience. Each course covers a point of required training on TEA’s SPED Self-Assessment rubric, providing a wealth of knowledge for all educators. Texas educators can check TEA Guidelines for the latest requirements for developed, proficient, and exemplary school districts.

Fast Facts

100% of administrators using our online PD reported increased visibility on what their teachers are learning and applying in the classroom.

94% of teachers gave our online PD 4 or 5 stars.

“The teachers LOVE the flexibility of being able to do the PD anytime, anywhere. They have commented on the high quality and relevance.” – Natisha Wilson, Gifted Coordinator, Tipp City Exempted Village Schools

Key Benefits

  • School districts can reach developed status in under 2 hours of training.
  • Each bundle provides a fast, inexpensive, on-demand, and TEA-compliant way to meet your teachers’ needs.
  • Our course collection covers all TEA SPED Self-Assessment rubric points.
  • Courses are a great resource for SPED educators and general educators alike.

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