Hidden Gems Library

Discover the new hidden gems collection! We’ve curated a list of courses for the 6-hour update specialized in GT areas of Critical Thinking, Differentiation, and Depth, Complexity, and Rigor. Choose from bundles of pre-selected courses or mix and match to meet your PD needs. Enjoy new training from our expert content providers while saving on time and cost-effective options. Explore all three options, and choose which one best suits your unique PD goals.

A New Solution to the 6-hour GT Update

  • Time Saving & Cost Effective
  • Curated bundles for Critical Thinking,
  • Differentiation, and Depth, Complexity, and Rigor. 
  • Choose from pre-selected courses or mix and match to meet your PD needs. 
  • Recognized GT Authors, Trainers, and Practitioners

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Not sure what to choose? This bundle is perfect to get you started. Administrators can select one of the curated 6-hour GT bundles to utilize with all of their teachers. A pre-selected package of Hidden Gems courses to fulfill your 6-hour PD requirements. Enjoy topics covering Critical Thinking, Differentiation, or Depth, Complexity, and Rigor. We did all the research so you can easily begin your PD journey.





Administrators can select 6 hours from our specialized GT Hidden Gems collection to fulfill teachers’ unique PD needs. This plan gives you the flexibility to customize your 6-hour offering from our hand-picked list. Have peace of mind knowing we’ve already done the research for you.





Level up your teacher engagement by giving them the power of choice in their professional development. With the Premiere Plan, teachers can create their own 6-hour GT update by choosing courses from the Hidden Gems collection that are best suited to meet their unique PD needs. Enjoy access to topics from Critical Thinking, Differentiation, Depth, Complexity and Rigor, and more!




6 Hour Update Focus: Differentiation

Emily Savidge, Jennifer Lorch

6 Hour Update Focus: Depth, Complexity and Rigor

Daniel Brillhart

J. Pennell, Leanna Ferreira

6 Hour Update Focus: Critical Thinking

And many more...

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