Clearer Thinking: Six Thinking Hats


Presenter: Brenda Davis
Core Area: Creativity & Instructional Strategies
Grade Level: Elementary & Secondary
Hours: 1

They say hindsight is 20/20, but what if you could make clear sense of a situation or subject right when you needed to? The Six Thinking Hats strategy is a straight-forward, memorable tool to help you think effectively and clearly, without relying on the benefit of hindsight, and it’s a perfect critical thinking skill for G/T students.

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In this one-hour course, Brenda Davis breaks down the Six Thinking Hats strategy, a method of sorting out thoughts and messages to minimize confusion and give a clear picture of complex subjects. Though it requires a little practice, the strategy is actually quite simple, and it’s a great skill to pass on to your students.
This course will help you:
  • Learn the Six Thinking Hats strategy for clearer thinking
  • Practice and apply the strategy for the classroom

Visit the TAGT website to learn more about the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

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473 reviews for Clearer Thinking: Six Thinking Hats

  1. Daphne – NEDERLAND ISD (verified owner)

    It was an interesting concepts. I would like to try in my class.

  2. Evangeline – DRISCOLL ISD (verified owner)


  3. Jenny – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


  4. Claudia – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Excellent. It should be implemented in every classroom to help and ensure kids learn how to think.

  5. Angelica – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


  6. Alicia – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Not gear to GT learners. A bit confusing, didn’t see the whole picture of the course. 🙁

  7. Rebecca – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Great Course

  8. Erin – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    Great information on the 6 thinking hats and hw to use this inside and outside the classroom.

  9. Blaire – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

    Good ideas!

  10. Jessica – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    excellent course

  11. Lisa – PROSPER ISD (verified owner)

    Great course!

  12. Olga – UNITED ISD (verified owner)


  13. Maria – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    It was interesting.

  14. ANGELICA – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)


  15. Maria – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Great ideas to implement in a classroom setting.

  16. Lauraly – MCALLEN ISD (verified owner)

    great information

  17. Dana – SAN FELIPE-DEL RIO CISD (verified owner)

    I enjoyed learning about this strategy. The videos and activities will be very helpful in my class.

  18. Sylvia – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    Very interesting and highly useful.

  19. Alejandro – ECTOR COUNTY ISD (verified owner)

    It is important for the development of students critical thinking (lateral thinking) which tends to always look for the right answer into placing the mind of the child in an organized and analitical form dividing their critical logic into six functions: White for Information, Yellow for brightness and positivism, Black for risks and problems, Red for feelings, Green for Creativity, and Blue for management. This allows for students to share productively with others by allowing to see the reality of others and, as well as an individual working to discover and sharing, knowing how to approach the other side when exposing his or her idea.

  20. Rosalina – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course.

  21. Danielle – MIAMI EAST LOCAL (verified owner)

    I like the 6 Thinking Hats strategy. I wish the course gave more examples of how to use it in a social studies classroom.

  22. Jessica – UNITED ISD (verified owner)

    This was a very interesting strategy.

  23. Torey – River View Local Schools (verified owner)

    I felt like it was very surface and not well presented.

  24. Seth – St Marys City Schools (verified owner)

    Like the graphics

  25. Jared – SANDUSKY CITY (verified owner)

    Excellent.. very relevant strategy

  26. Tami – MIDLOTHIAN ISD (verified owner)

    Thinking Hats allows for alternative ways of assessing the same material.

  27. yolanda – LOS FRESNOS CISD (verified owner)


  28. MARIVEL – LA FERIA ISD (verified owner)

    Good thinking

  29. Brenda – COLUMBUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT (verified owner)

    Helpful info

  30. Linda – DAYTON CITY (verified owner)

    Nice way to organize our thought process.

  31. Susana – HARMONY SCIENCE ACAD (EL PASO) (verified owner)

    This is really helpful to keep us focused and on task. It can really benefit any content students and staff alike.

  32. Chet – DAYTON CITY (verified owner)

    It was interesting.

  33. Abbey – St Marys City Schools (verified owner)

    This course gave perspective on how to look at the whole picture and take it from all aspects.

  34. Barbara – BETHEL LOCAL (verified owner)

    Very applicable and appropriate to all learning/collaborating/thinking.

  35. Sherri – MARION CITY (verified owner)

    I like how this course presented a new way of thinking for children and adults.

  36. Terrie – SOUTHWEST ISD (verified owner)

    It was very clear and concise and had unique strategies to use in the classroom.

  37. Kevin – WESTFALL LOCAL (verified owner)

    Thoughtfully put together and engaging.

  38. Rachel – SOUTHWEST ISD (verified owner)

    Very helpful.

  39. Leah – NEW KNOXVILLE LOCAL (verified owner)

    This course was great!

  40. Erin – MORTON ISD (verified owner)

    I love this strategy. I have lots of ideas how to implement this in my classroom.

  41. Keith – PARMA CITY (verified owner)

    An interesting approach to all levels of learning.

  42. Emily – ANDREWS ISD (verified owner)

    This was a great strategy to use in the classroom and other places as well.

  43. Adriana – LAREDO ISD (verified owner)

    It had good ideas of getting everyone involved and seeing the varied responses students could come up with.

  44. Jaime – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

    It offered some good information but was way too slow in it’s pacing.

  45. Melissa – FABENS ISD (verified owner)

    Great course.

  46. Shelley – Coshocton City Schools (verified owner)

    It was a new concept.

  47. Michelle – PROSPER ISD (verified owner)

    This course was refreshing, a new way to think about thinking!

  48. Kelly – PROSPER ISD (verified owner)

    Great strategy! The six hats is a great way to have students think beyond the surface of an event or problem.

  49. Ronnie – SPRING BRANCH ISD (verified owner)

    I teach high school. Seems abit elementary school to me, but with adjustments could work.

  50. Maria L. – SAN BENITO CISD (verified owner)

    It is very informative and easy to follow.

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